Who Is Paul Laidlaw? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

According to marathi.tv.com, Paul Laidlaw is a television presenter who works with antiques in BBC, and is an auctioneer. In September 2017, he broke a record earning $20,000 (English pounds) by selling a vintage camera to a private collector.

Paul Laidlaw Career Details And Education

He studied science at the university but discovered a love of knowledge and travel. In 2002 after graduating from the university, Paul was headhunted by H & H Auction Homes, and became their lead auctioneer and valuer, before going into their salesroom for ten years. H & H is known to be one of the most revered and noteworthy auction homes in the north of England, which most likely has to do with how they hold auctions and sales and provide people with antique valuation. He ended that position in the year 2012. Then, in 2013, he formed Laidlaw Auctioneers and Valuers, which was based in Carlisle, Cumbria, and it opened its doors in 2014. Paul has been at work in his company ever since then. The business is aesthetically pleasing as it operates out of a beautiful Victorian Mill, and its awake and alert appearance is in line with the appearance and atmosphere that Paul wanted his business to have. He believes that the business needed it appearance to drive business in, and has said he wants to go from Dickensian to Digital.

In 2006, while working for the firm H & H Auction Rooms, he began appearing on Bargain Hunt and Antique Roadshow. He is known for his deep knowledge of antique arms and militaria. After appearing on these programs, he went onto Celebrity Antique Roadtrip, and most recently has appeared on Flog It! (Dodoodad.com)

Paul Laidlaw Bio: Age And Early Life

Paul was born in Edinburg, England. There is not currently any information regarding his parents, or if he has any brothers or sisters. We do know that he was born on July 7, but the year has not been revealed. He was not an average child in the respect of hobbies. As a child, he loved being a collector, and would collect random items such as shells, bottles.

While studying astrophysics in the university, and having plans to work for the organization NASA, something changed. He stopped enrolling in science classes, and began to study travel. He did, however, graduate from college with a degree in mathematics. He also began to make a name for himself in the antique world. Paul has said that his mother had been an inspiration to him, as she was the person who first encouraged him to join Bargain Hunt. He is married to his wife, Maureen, and they have been married for over twenty years. The couple have three children together. Their kids are a daughter and twin sons. The couple met while working on a project together. Paul is known to be a foodie and loves to spend time in kitchen cooking with his family. He also loves to spend his free time playing golf, and going to the park with his family. Paul is known to be a member of The Church of England, and possesses strong familial and personal values. His love of valuables and collectibles has extended to his home, in which he collects antiques such as Georgian glass, Georgian silver, books, and watches. In February, Paul held a charity valuation day at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity, and all of the proceeds were donated to animals in need.

Paul Laidlaw House And Cars

Paul currently lives in Carlisle, England, in the same part of town as his company operates in. It is located between Scotland and the Lake District. It is not known what type of home or cars Paul owns, but it is known that he does own a home. Paul Laidlaw’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million. Even if many facts about Paul are not well-known, he does have somewhat of an active social media presence, boasting over 15 million followers on Twitter.

Paul Laidlaw Body Measurements

There is not any information regarding any of Paul’s body measurements or stats. The website marriedcelebrity.com states that Paul has a tall stature, and he possibly follows a diet and nutritional chart, and he has a liking for health foods, and loves to cook foods in a healthy way. He has blue eyes, and brown hair.

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