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Who is Fernando Colunga? Find Out His Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Early Life, Dating History, Married

Fernando Colunga is a famous and much admired Mexican actor and telenovela star. Let’s find a little more about this handsome hunk.

Fernando Colunga was born on March 3, 1969 in Mexico. His parents are Don Fernando Colunga and Dona Margarita Oligaris. He is the only child of his parents. His father was an engineer. Both his parents loved Fernando immensely. Fernando’s father always wanted him to follow his footsteps and be an engineer. Although Fernando had always harboured the dream of becoming in actor, he gave up his dream to be an engineer in order to respect his father’s wish.

Soon he started loving his work as an engineer and graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Mexico. But the fire to be an actor was never extinguished from his heart.

Later in life, as the fate would have it, he was convinced by his friends to pursue his dream to be an actor. And with the support of his loyal friends, he approached a studio in Mexico. Soon, he began working as a stuntman. It wasn’t long before his callibre was recognized and he was given a chance to act in a telenovela. His first appearance wasn’t as a lead actor. But soon, his role was appreciated by the people and he got his own telenovela as a main lead.

There was only success for Fernando after that. He has worked in many telenovelas and movies since then. He is very much loved and appreciated by his fans. Although he is in his 50’s now but people, especially women still go gaga over him. He is still very handsome and looks very charismatic. This is why he is so popular

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Fernando Colunga Net Worth

So, how much is this handsome hunk worth? If the reports are to be believed, he is said to be a worth an impressive $3 million. We don’t have any information about his annual income but it is no surprise that he would be earning a handsome sum of money from his acting career. A man of his calibre and looks is bound to make a fortune.

Fernando Colunga Married Life

Fernando is a much married man. He married Blanca Soto after proposing her in 2015. Although the date of their marriage isn’t known, it is said that they have married. Blanca and Fernando began dating in 2013 after they starred in a movie together. Before Blanca, Fernando was reported to be in a relationship with many celebrities. But Blanca and Fernando are in a committed and serious relationship now and there isn’t any news of trouble in the paradise. Fernando doesnt have any children as yet as far as the reports are concerned.

Quick Facts About Fernando Colunga

Name: Fernando Colunga
Birthday: March 3, 1969
Birth place: Mexico
Age: 50 years
Profession: Actor
Net worth: $3 million
Salary: Not known
Relationship status: Married
Spouse: Blanca Scot
Children: None