Who Is Dan Pfeiffer Married To? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

Howard Daniel Pfeiffer popularly known as Dan Pfeiffer was born on December 24, 1975. He is an American activist, Podcaster and former Senior Advisor to President Barrack Obama of the United States of America for Strategy and Communications. He was born in Wilmington, Delaware, United States and is 44 years old. Dan graduated from Wilmington Friends School and afterwards magna cum laude from Georgetown University where he bagged a BA.

Dan Pfeiffer Marriage Details

Dan Pfeiffer got married to Sarah Elizabeth Feinberg on July 16, 2006 who was a senior adviser and spokeswoman for Obama’s former Chief of Staff and currently the senior advisor and spokeswoman for Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel. Dan and Elizabeth got divorced in 2011. Dan later got married in 2016 to Howli Ledbetter who was the former director of message planning in the Obama White House.

Dan Pfeiffer Career Details

Dan Pfeiffer was the Vice President for Communications and Policy at GoFundMe from December 2015-September 2017. He is currently serving on the Board of Advisors of Let America Vote which is a voting rights organization that was founded by fellow Crooked Media host John Kander.

Dan Pfeiffer started his political career working as a spokesman for the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) initiative of the Clinton Administration. He joined the communications department of Al Gore’s 2000 campaign for the Presidency. He briefly served as a communications director for Evan Bayh’s presidential exploratory committee.

In 2008, after the presidential election, Dan Pfeiffer ran the communications office for the Obama-Biden Transition team and was made Deputy White House Communications Director after the inauguration of Barack Obama. After the departure of Anita Dunn less than a year after Barack Obama’s inauguration, Dan was named the White House Communications Director. He held this position throughout the first term of Barack Obama’s Presidency. At the beginning of President Barack Obama’s second term, Dan Pfeiffer got a promotion and was made the Senior Advisor for Strategy and Communications which was previously managed in the White House by David Axelrod and David Plouffe.

Dan Pfeiffer left the White House on March 6, 2015 and later joined CNN to become their political contributor.
Dan Pfeiffer is a co-host of “Pod Save America”(a political podcast), With Jon Lovett, Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor.
Dan is also an author and has published several best selling books.

Dan Pfeiffer Books

Dan Pfeiffer is an author that has released best selling books that came up in The New York Times Best Seller which are; Yes We(Still) Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter, and Trump (2018).

In Dan’s first book, he told the story of “how Barack Obama navigated the insane political forced that create (President) Trump, explaining why everyone got 2016 wrong, and offering a path for where Democrats go from here”.

Dan Pfeiffer published his second book in February 2020 titled, Un-Trumping America: A plan to Make America a Democracy Again. In this book, Dan gave an outline how Donald Trump became president because of the current state of American politics, not in spite of it. Dan also offered a plan for Democrats to win the 2020 election and how the likes of Trump would be prevented from ever happening again by fixing our democracy.

Dan Pfeiffer Net Worth

As at 2018 Dan Pfeiffer’s net worth was estimated to be approximately $100,000-$1million and at 2019 was estimated to be approximately between $1million-$5million.

Dan Pfeiffer Wife

Dan Pfeiffer is married to Howli Ledbetter Pfeiffer. They both got married on October 15, 2016. Howli Pfeiffer is a graduate of the California State University, Chico.
She is the Director in RALLY’s San Francisco office specializing in strategic message planning, grassroots organizing, political communications, creative storytelling, and media events. She was also the former director of message planning in the Obama White House.

Dan Pfeiffer Parents

Dan is the son of Lear Pfeiffer and Gary M. Pfeiffer of Wilmington, Delaware. Dan’s mother Lear is a retired learning specialist at the Wilmington Friends School where she was a first, second and third grade teacher. Dan’s father is a retired chief financial officer of DuPont in Wilmington.

Dan Pfeiffer Kids

Dan Pfeiffer has a daughter named Kyla Pfeiffer. She was born in May 2018 and is currently 2 years old.

Dan Pfeiffer Body Measurements

Dan Pfeiffer’s full body measurement is not currently known

Dan Pfeiffer Cars And Houses

The properties of Dan Pfeiffer has not been known to the public as at the time of this publication. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in San Francisco.

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