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Whitney Wonnacott Is Married To Husband Jimmer Fredette. Know Her Age, Career, Net Worth, Kids

Whitney Wonnacott is a pretty lady, who was a cheerleader of Brigham Young University during are schooling days. Whitney was born in Littleton Colorado, on the 17th of April 1990 to the family of Richard and Tammy Wonnacott. She has two amazing younger sisters Ash and Jordan Wonnacott.

Whitney sees her family as her strength, hence, she’s always grateful to them. Whitney’s father is a lover sport, thus, Whitney decided to follow suit. Whitney attended Chatfield High School, after which, she gained admission to Brigham Young University, where she obtained a degree in broadcast journalism. While she was still an undergraduate, she joined the cheerleading team at her University. As a result, she became famous as the cheerleader of her team.

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Whitney Wonnacott Is Married To Husband Jimmer Fredette

Wonnacott and Fredette’s love story started at Brigham Young University. Where Jimmer was a second-year student and Wonnacott was a freshman. The two came together through the help of Jimmer’s sister-in-law, Cami, and she happened to be a close friend to Whitney. Although Wonnacott made the first move to approaching Jimmer. The would be couple began to know each other better as the relationship progressed. Jimmer just knew intuitively that Whitney was the right woman for him, she was made for him. And in the long run, Jimmer knew that Whitney can easily predict what would happen in her life, for instance, on her birthday, she knew the kind of gifts she would be gifted, and the kind of gift she would receive during Christmas.

Knowing fully well the kind of woman she is and he doesn’t want her to predict correctly his engagement to her. Hence, he planned a fake trip, he left a note for Whitney telling her he’s going traveling and would be back the next day, and that he left a present for her outside the house. Whitney, went outside, saw the present and opened it, it was a pair of shoes. Then Jimmer came out of his hiding spot, hugged her from the back and popped the question, asking her to him, of which without hesitation, she said, yes. They both got engaged on the 26th of August 2012.

Whitney Wonnacott’s Wedding

According to Whitney, it was a trip to Jimmer’s home town in New York that actually placed her on the same page with Jimmer. She was welcomed to Jimmer’s home town with so much love as his family was pleased to see her.

Whitney and Jimmer were best friends who enjoyed each other’s company. Albeit, when they hang out together, they didn’t actually discuss much on basketball, rather they just wanted to enjoy the best times together.

Jimmer and Whitney’s wedding became the talk of the town, even on social media, as they had more fireworks on their wedding that got people amazed. They got married on June 1st, 2012 and had their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Who Is Jimmer Fredette?

Jimmer Fredette is a famous professional NBA player. He was born February 25, 1989, to Al and Kay Fredette in Glens Falls, New York. He’s the youngest of the three children of Al and Kay Fredette.

In 2011 he won National player of the year award in college, he was also ranked among the 75 top Nation’s shooting guard in high school by ESPN.Com. Jimmer has received several accolades based on his career, and in 2017 he bagged the CBA International MVP award.

Jimmer Fredette And Whitney Wonnacott As Parents

After their marriage in 2012, they had their first child on the 24th of February 2017 named, Wesley Fredette. Wesley was a blessing to them as they have awaited four years before she was born. Summer career kept calling, he had to travel with his team Shanghai Sharks to play basketball.

Eventually, in 2018, he was signed in by Phoenix Suns sizable salary. And on the 28th of March 2019, they were blessed with a son, Taft Fredette. Jammer and Whitney are currently a proud father of two beautiful children.

Whitney Wonnacott Net Worth

Whitney made a considerable amount of money as a cheerleader and she still made money during her intern at KSL. Her total net worth is about $150 thousand. While Jimmer’s net worth is about $6 million and he earns a yearly payment of $1 million from his new team Phoenix Sun.

Whitney Wonnacott’s Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Whitney’s weigh about 58kg and has a height of about 5 feet 8 inches. Her height his a superb complement to that of her husband Jimmer, as he has a height of 6 ft 2 in 1.88 m and he weighs 195 lb 88 kg.