What We Know About Kevin Hart’s Car Crash And Ongoing Recovery

Even if Kevin Hart is back with a limited capacity, there is no doubt that this incredible personality had earlier no plans to return. After a serious back injury and losing all confidence within him, Kevin hart surely has been a fighter and will soon be back in action just the way he was before the accident took place. Most of the people, however, aren’t aware of the consequences he has been going through after the major injury he had through an accident. But the strong and study personality like him always given a ray of hope to fans who admire him.

About The Incident

The accident that took place in hart’s life was not a smaller one. Because of it, Hart had to go through three fractures in the spine and two in the thoracic part and one in lumbar. The accident was the major one as his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when took off Mulholland Highway, it straightway got crashed in the wooden fence and then rolled down and landed in the ditch. This unfortunate incident took place on September 1 where the driver was Jared S.

Shortly after the accident, he was advised to go through a surgery to fuse the fractures in the back. It, of course, would be taking quite a few months for him to recover.

Ongoing Recovery

Even if he has been released from the hospital, there have been more delays from the actor’s side towards the work because of the ongoing recovery process. If he puts constant efforts and dedication on his recovery then chances are high for the actor to get back in the swing again. However, according to Hart, he has been spending day and night doing physical therapy with his expert therapist.

There have been ample of a session on stretches and exercises along with the therapy bands that hart does regularly. He has also been continuing to work post his physical therapist job, which of course has been approved by the doctor.

Consequences From The Accident

Andrew Brettler who is a lawyer of the actor stated that the 40-year-old may not get back to work until sometime in 2020 as compromising with the health is a big risk for him. Although he has been doing extremely less work in the films unless he gets fully recovered he may not get back to work and this, of course, has been advised by his health care expert on a strict basis.

Most of his fans are worried whether Hart will soon or never be in the game but the fact is Hart never gave up on the sports. He never stepped out of the game rather he has been working more on the marketing campaign for the Jumanji film on which he is working on next. According to Hart, which he recently told to the campaign, he, for now, is having a good time to work with co-stars like Danny DeVito and Dwayne Johnson and certainly it is a retreating experience for him.

Furthermore, Hart’s injuries seem to have further delayed the legal troubles that e has been having which are nothing but the court battle with his former business partner called the Stand Up Digital. Certainly, it has been postponed but eventually chances are high for the battle to start again
As per the report which was made on the incident stated that this accident was the result of a vehicle being driven recklessly. Even if there were no charges filed but Hart surely is a good soul who doesn’t blame his driver for such an incident that occurred.

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