What happened to Darrell Ward on Ice Road Trucker? How did he die?

The death of Darrel Ward in 2016 came as a shock to the entire Ice Road Trucker family. Darrell ward has been a cast member of the Ice Road Trucker family since 2012 when the series was in its 6th season. The American reality television personality was cast as truck driver in the series, a role that most of the series fans loved most about him. His career as a reality television personality was cut short by the plane crush which led to his untimely death and caused sorrow to the series fans.

What happened to Darrell Ward of Ice Road Truckers? How did he die?

On 28th August 2016, the world was saddened by the sudden death of Darrell Ward in a plane crash that took place while they were trying to land. He was heading to Missoula to film a documentary film that was set to hit the television airwaves. Before the plane was set ablaze, it had hit the south side of the eastbound lanes of the interstate ninety which was next to the Rock creek exit.

In a report released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) concerning the cause of the plane crash that led to the death of Darrell Ward and his co-pilot Mark Meltoz, the board stated that the sudden right turn made by the plane as it was headed for landing could have been the cause of the accident. It is not clear yet as to why the two pilots decided to make the right turn, it could have been a technical issue that prompted them to decide on making the right turn, but then that’s just a speculation and the true reason is yet to be established.

His career in Ice Road Truckers

Before joining the Ice Road Truckers, Darrell Ward had been a truck driver for 30 years. His experience in the truck driving field was one of the reason as to why he got selected to join the Ice Road truckers. He joined the show when the series was in in its 6th season in 2012, Darrell’s role was cast until the 10th season. Just before his death, Darrell was scheduled to cast in the next season that was to be released in 2017. His role in the show was a very significant one as he would be seen helping other truck drivers other than playing his own role.

Darrell Ward net worth before his death was estimated to be $500,000. An amount that he had accumulated over the years in his practice as a Truck driver and his role in the television series.

Despite being so much devoted to his career, Darrell spared some time off the screen to work as a firefighter assisting the local Authorities.

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