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What Happened To Andy Bassich Ex-Wife Kate Bassich And Why Did She Leave Life Below Zero?

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The fans of the National Geographic series, Life Below Zero, must be familiar with the notorious former casting actor Kate Rorke Bassich on it. The caste was once again ready to return for season 11, to take its viewers to show the living conditions of people in the remote regions of Alaska. But, you might have seen that Kate Bassich is not in it.

So, what might be the reason for her leaving Life Below Zero? Read further to know what happened to Kate Bassich on Life Below Zero. So, when Kate was featured in the series, Life Below Zero in the year 2013, she was married to the co-star in it, Andy Bassich. That’s the reason she moved to Alaska and thus, starred in the series.

They both met in 2003 in Alaska, started dating a while later, and then eventually got married. But, their married life did not turn out much well as it was illustrated in the reality show. Kate Bassich was allegedly being physically abused by her husband Andy Bassich. Though, she kept mum for a while and tried to make her married life work well, hoping she would make things all right. But, the things between her and Andy remained the same. She had taken enough and finally, decided to give up at last. So, she filed a report for their divorce in the year 2015 and severed her ties from Andy. She explained in an interview how Andy abused her verbally as well as physically. So, after the finalization of their divorce, Kate never returned to

Alaska and thus, dropped off from the reality show ‘Life Below Zero’ whereas Andy made his way to star in season 11.

Kate Rorke Net Worth

Kate was well paid for her amazing part in the National Geographic series. This beautiful 62 years old woman’s net worth is approximate $100,000.

What Is Kate Rorke Doing Now?

So, this blonde beauty, Kate Rorke is now a blissful person living a happy life in Newfoundland in Canada. She keeps on interacting with her fans on her social media and explains how she is doing better than ever.

It’s good to be home

Kate said in a video post.

The memories are good, the friends are good, and it’s nice to be around people who have known me since the beginning of time it seems as we get older… You guys, you all got me here and you saved my life in a way, so love to you. Over and out.

Who knows she might also be ready to accept a new relationship as well in her life, no information is disclosed by her on this subject yet. She is joyful to be off-screen for a while. However, her fans miss her on the show and ask for her return.

You never know what the future holds

says Kate in response to her being back on the show.

In order to put her life back together, she has gained an interest in writing. Currently, she is working on a book on domestic abuse, basically on her experience for similarly suffering people.