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Wayne Carey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife Sally McMohan, Children

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Australian Rules football or simply known as Australian football also locally known as Footy is a contact sport that is played between two teams in an oval ground. And let me introduce you all to the “The King” of this game – Wayne Carey. Carey has been awarded as the best and fairest player ever in the history of Australian football.

Carey is from a small place Wagga Wagga from New South Wales. He started as a Rugby player at a small age and by the time he was 8 he turned to a footballer. At around the age of 13 he played junior football for North Adelaide team. His playing career is as bright as a shining start from 1983 – 2004.

Carey started his VFL debut at the age of 16 when he moved to Melbourne and played for under 19 North Melbourne team. He served as the captain of the team from 1993 to 2001. During his captaincy he led his team 8 continuous years. Carey retired while he was playing for Adelaide Crows in the year 2004.

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Wayne Carey Is Married To Wife Sally McMohan

Carey got married to Sally McMohan in 2001 and they had a daughter together, Ella. Ella is around 12 years now. However, both got split when Ella was born. Carey did fulfil his responsibility as a father and as per the statement from Sally Carey is a responsible father and take care of her very well. Sally also defended Carey over an affair when a rumour of Carey cheating on the finance surfaced.

He also married Stephanie Edwards for some year. Now he is the husband of the model Jessica Paulke. He has 3 children one with each wife and we will talk in the below coming section.

Wayne Carey Personal Life

Affairs is one of the reasons Carey got delayed on receiving Hall of fame in the year 2010. He was eligible for this 2 year back. However, with rumours and other news on domestic violence he was not seen to be a positive figure.

Carey had an infamous affair with the wife of his best friend and his team mate Anthony Stevens. Kelli Steven was the wife of Anthony. This was way in the year 2004. Carey did apologise to his friend Anthony. Anthony accepted Carey’s apologies but and said he can never forgive him. Carey also gave a detailed story of how he happened to get into the affair with her in his biography.

To add on, it was also rumoured that Carey did have an affair with Marc Murphy’s wife Jessie. However in an interview aired on television Carey did shun out the allegation and said he had never spoken to Jessie also.

Wayne Carey Children

Carey has a daughter with his former wife Sally. Her is Ella and she is aged around 13 now. Although Carey and Sally split when Ella was born, Carey did not stop doing his duties as a father. Sally also has acknowledged that Carey is a very good father.

Carey had his second daughter with his ex-fiancé Stephanie Edwards. Her name is Charlotte. He was had a third child Carter Michael with his third wife Jessica Paulke. All his children gel along well with each other.

Wayne Carey Net Worth

Carey is known to have amassed a Net worth of $1 mil during his career as a player. He is currently working as a Friday night football commentator. He has had a successful career as a footballer from Australia. He is know to be the best Australian football player ever. He has also received various awards for all his achievements as a player. With his legendary career and also as a commentator he is still earning a lot. Most of his career after revolves more around affairs.