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Wayne Brady’s Ex-Wife Dianna Lasso. Why Did They Divorce? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Diana Lasso was born on the 4th of March 1975, in Columbia. By citizenship, she is American. She came to America in a bid to advance her music career. Even though she was a popular singer, she became more famous because of her marriage to popular actor and comedian, Wayne Brady. He on the other hand, became famous as a result of his participation in the lovable ‘1998 comedy television series titled “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” The couple got married on New Year’s Eve in 1993, when Wayne’s comedy career started gaining popularity.  However, their marriage was short lived, and two years later they got divorced in 1995. Reports showed that their divorce was because of Wayne’s constant busy schedule, he was always traveling and rarely had time for his  new bride. Other findings also showed that  Wayne had long time struggle with Clinical depression. This and his efforts to advance his career led to the downfall of his  marriage.

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Dianna Lasso Career Details

Diana is a musician and a professional at that.  However, she’s not as famous as our other music icons and celebrities.  Her marriage to Wayne Brandy made her a topic for tabloids and the media. Who says being a celebrity doesn’t have it’s perks?

Before her marriage, Diana had been a singer and didn’t let her marriage serve as hindrance to her pursuing her dream. She started with being featured in talk shows over the radio, it then progressed to being uploaded to diverse online platforms. This led to her songs gaining massive exposure than ever before. Her song “Esta Noche No” which attracted a lot of radio play and popularity in local stores around in 2014 was a catalyst in her emergence to spotlight . She began to get invitations as a guest in various radio and television programs. Like this paragraph began, she partly owe her popularity to her ex-husband.

Dianna Lasso Net Worth

There is still uncertainties as to how much her net worth is. However, we have carried out research and found out that on the average, Diana Lasso’s net worth is approximately $1 million as at 2019. She has been able to earn a reasonable amount of money from her profession.

During the course of her career, Lasso has produced multiple hit songs which has brought in huge amount of profit for her in addition to various events and concerts she gets invited to. Let’s not forget she  is divorcee and would probably have received  alimony during the divorce from her ex. Her former partner Wayne Brady earns a huge amount of money through his various careers. Currently, he has a net worth of $10 million.

Dianna Lasso Body Measurements

Dianna Lasso is a beautiful latina girl from Columbia having a long face with petite body.  A unique dark brown hair and brown eyes with a height of 163cm. The columbian born singer weighs 50kg, she’s got just the perfect slim body

Dianna Lasso Family Details

Not much is known about Diana’s parents and siblings or maybe she did an amazing job in keeping them off tabloids. The only family we have known she had is her ex-husband Wayne Brady.

Dianna Lasso Marriage Details, Divorce

Lasso married the actor, singer, and comedian Wayne on December 31, 1993.  It was roughly around this period his   popularity as comedian began to spread. Unfortunately, the couples barely enjoyed their marriage as unforeseen issues emerged. After two years of being married, Wayne and Dianna finally got divorced on the 21st of September 1995. Different opinions as to why the couple got separated arose. It was said that their marriage crumbled because of Wayne’s tight schedule as he often toured the country to perform. While another reason for their divorce was because of his long time struggle with clinical depression which Dianna couldn’t cope with. Their marriage didn’t produce kids so Dianna is not yet a mother. False info circulating tells Dianna had a daughter  for her ex in 2003, but that is obviously impossible since the marriage lasted for just two years. It’s in his second marriage that he had Maile Masako Brady, his daughter. Why she has decided to withhold information about her parents, siblings, childhood and education is still unknown to us. We keep hoping she shares that with us very soon.