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Vicki Butler-Henderson Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Husband Phil Churchward

Vicki is a British citizen who was born in a racing family. Her father’s name was Frazer Nash and he was in a British Karting team and her grandfather was a racer in Brooklands with Frazer Nash, his son, and his brother; Charlie was a driver racer too. Here, you will know a lot about Vicki regarding her net worth, star, kids, husband, and career, so keep reading.

Vicki Butler-Henderson Marriage Details With Kids

The couple has two children: Una their daughter and Oscar their son. Phil is a director and a producer and he worked for motoring tv programs: 5th gear, top gear, and the grand tour.
Both married in 2007 after 2 years of dating and she now lives in London with the husband and two children. When Vicki is asked that how she came up with the names of her children. She says Una was the name of her grandmother, Una Butler Henderson and she says that she was an amazing lady and the name Oscar, both the couple has decided.

When she is asked that do you plan for more kids, she says that she always wanted four kids but now two are enough.

She also said in an interview that Phil is a better cook than her and he is a family man. She also says that Phil is teaching Una how to swim and she does not want to concede anything else.

Vicki Butler-Henderson Career Details

Vicki also began racing karts at the age of 12 and she features in a race with David Coulthard and she competed in some races and became a racing instructor at the age of 17 and she worked for some of the biggest brands like Hatch and Silverstone. And she worked and lived in Knockhill Scotland.

She was also featured in famous competitions like The 2000 Pentel Ginetta Championship, Formula First, Speyside Stages Rally, The Porsche cup, and Radicals.

Vicki also worked as a navigator for ITV’s Formula 1 in Rally Sunseeker. She also raced in Honda Formula 4 Stroke speedboat in 2001.

She also won the Maserati Trofeo with his co-driver Matthew Marsh and he also happens to be a journalist as well. Vicki says that it was the best event of her life and she became the first woman to win the race.

First, she appeared on tv in 1994 in BBC’s top gear and racing in a Ford Fiesta. She was in a show from 1997 to 2000 at the UK Horizon’s Top Gear GTI. She then shifted to the show the fifth gear and she hosted shows with Jason Plato, Tom Ford, and Tiff Needell. She also presented for the British Touring Car Championship for ITV.

Other than being a journalist, she has also worked for auto express magazine, car mechanics magazine, car week magazine, and what car as well. She was the main person to launch the max power magazine and the guest writer for top gear magazine and she worked for the times and the daily telegraph.

Vicki Butler-Henderson Net Worth

Vicki has done a lot of work for her career which made her famous and her net worth is $1 million and her main source of earning is racing and different sponsorship and worked with digital media as well.

She owns an MK II Golf GTI, Honda S2000, and a Ducati Monster.

Vicki Butler-Henderson Bio: Age, Early Life

Vicki was born on 16th February 1972 and she is 47 as of 2021. She is an Aquarius and she worked for British motoring and top gear.