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Valerie Gillies Wiki-bio, Married, age, Pictures, Facebook and Instagram.

Every Business needs a manager. Dave Kindig is no doubt a great businessman and also a TV personality. While he is busy making and modifying cars, Shooting vides there is Valerie Gillies managing his office. Let’s find out more about Valerie Gillies in her wiki type biography. Know her age and married life.

Is Valerie Gillis married to a husband? Or dating a boyfriend?

Valerie is a beautiful woman in her Early Forties. To be exact, she is 42 years old as of writing this article. Given her age, we speculate that she should be married. But the fact is different she isn’t married yet.

Although she isn’t married, that doesn’t mean she is single. She hasn’t made any public announcement about her boyfriend, but when we went through her facebook profile, we found something. According to the relationship status on facebook, she is dating Chris Zerull.

On one picture posted by her on her Facebook account, she seems pretty close to a guy named Chris Zerull. Although, she hasn’t captioned in a way to indicate the guy as being her boyfriend or husband. But they seem pretty close. But we can’t say anything for sure unless she announces or makes an official statement about it.

Her profession and career.

Her profession is as a manager in the Kindig-It Design. Kindig It design is a company that modifies and redesign the car and engine. The company was established by Dave Kindig and his wife, Charity Kindig.

Valerie Gillies came to Spotlight after starring in the tv show “Bitchin’ Rides” and “Beyond Bitchin’ Rides” in the Tv Cable Channel Velocity in the year 2014 and 2015 respectively.


Valerie Gillies is also known as Vintage Valerie is from Salt Lake City, Utah.. She has been a large part of the Kindig-It team. She is one of the oldest members of the team. She has been working in Kindig-It for more than 11 years.

As a manager, She is responsible for the inside work of Kindig-it Design. From Customer relations to managing clients and Keeping the team including Dave in the right direction is her responsibilities.

According to the other team members, Valerie has an energetic personality. She has an infectious laugh and has always maintained a friendly relationship with all the members and customers of Kindig-it Designs for more than a decade.

Her social media account: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Valerie Gillies Knows how to make use of modern technology and Social media sites. She is popular on Facebook with 4,492 followers on her page. Similarly, she has 2,623 followers on her Twitter account.

She uses social media for her personal use as well as to connect with fans. She also establishes customer relationship via these accounts.

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