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Valerie Cossette Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Body Measurements

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Valerie Cossette is a model and influencer with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. She was born in Canada on July 6, 1993. She has often traveled to Mexico.

Valerie Cossette Family Details

Valerie decided to keep family information private, but we know that she has a sister named Vanessa Cossette. She also never share her education details.

The Instagram star started her career in a social media in 2014. At that time she was 26 years old. Very soon she attracted a lot of attention on the internet through her photographs that featured her attractive body. She named her account valerie.c_.

Valerie is a big fan of tattoos. Although she hasn’t yet revealed the meaning of her symbols, all of them look amazing. Below her shoulder bone, there are two beautiful tattoos of flying birds. On her left arm, she has a girl with her eyes closed along with butterflies around it. Beautiful bird feathers and roses are featured in her thighs. Other notable tattoos in her body are the dagger and a fox. It is obvious that Valerie has a unique sense of art and she loves attention to her body. But only she has the answer of what all these images are for. Her fans seem to love it and share their opinions on Instagram.

Valerie Cossette Relationships, Dating History

Despite being a public figure, Cossette prefers keeping some things behind closed doors, which includes her dating history and relationship status. Scrolling through her Instagram, she has not posted anything that associates her in a relationship. She mostly posts her solo photos on her Instagram. Valerie has never been married and doesn’t have any children. She might be secretly dating someone but has not revealed anything about her boyfriend.

Cossette looks like a true travel lover. Following her Instagram, she posts her photos of traveling alone in new places. She is in absolute love with palm trees and beaches. She has travelled to places like Mexico, Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park, Cozumel and the road trip from Montreal to British Columbia. She is believed to be originally from Cuba. Valerie is also interested in decoration and aesthetics and often posts photos of her house. She is really talented and hardworking young woman, and she deserves all attention in the media, and we believe that there is more yet to come for her career-wise.

Valerie Cossette Career Details

Valerie is known as brand ambassador for ”Fashion Nova”, a clothing brand established in 2006 by Richard Saghian. Saghian first started working in the retail industry by working at his father’s boutique based in Los Angeles. Fashion Nova went on to open their first boutiques in Panorama City, Los Angeles and during that time, they sold cheap “club-wear” clothing. They are also known for selling plus size and maternity clothes. Within a short period of time, Fashion Nova became one of the most searched for fashion brands, partially thanks to their good marketing.

Cossette frequently advertises and promotes brands like Okin clothing, Goldsoulla sunglasses, Calvin Klein underwear and Phillipp Auger watches.
She’s also promoted Bang Energy drink and many of her followers went on to agree that it’s one of the best proteins. In May 2019, she promoted a restaurant in Montreal, sharing a photo of herself eating there. As we can see she is a really successful woman who gets everything she wants.

Valerie was also featured many times on Youtube in numerous videos such as “Model Valerie Cossette beautiful photos in branded outfit”, “Valerie Cossette – beautiful and tattooed” and “Valerie Cossette – this beautiful bad girl goes crazy the nets due with her tattoos”, with all of the videos having been watched by thousands of people.

Apart from wide fame, having a million followers does come with the economic advantage in today’s internet era. Ever since achieving followers on Instagram, Valerie has done paid promotion for a few high ranking brands.

Valerie Cossette Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Valerie Cossette holds an estimated net worth of $200 thousand as of 2019. Similarly, she also generates satisfying money per sponsored post on her Instagram – $3 thousand to $5 thousand per post. The Instagram model also generates a good income from the promotions and endorsements. She makes an average salary of $35 thousand to $65 thousand as the brand ambassador for ”Fashion Nova”. She never spoke about her assets, such as vehicles and houses, remaining humble. Nonetheless, it seems as if she’s able to take care of herself financially.

As much as the model earns, she spends it accordingly. Being a model and a fashion influencer, her earnings and spendings seem to be equivalent. Looks like she spends more on her high-end make-up and on her never-ending passion for fashion.

Valerie Cossette Body Measurements

Her height is 5 feet and 4 inches(1.6 meters. The model weights an impressive 55 kilograms. Valerie’s eye colour is uniquely green.