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Valerie Bertinelli husband Tom Vitale Net Worth, Wiki-Bio, Age and Facts.

When Valerie Bertinelli managed to keep her professional life blossoming, she failed to keep her house in order. In the first place, she was known as the wife of Eddie Van Halen, who is the American band singer. On 20th December the year 2007, Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale became officially divorced after being married for 26 years.
According to a popular website called star, the marriage of Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale had some very much critical issues that had to be solved through a separation.

Very much reliable sources indicate that the husband to Valerie Bertinelli was Tom Valerie. Let us now dig deep into the life of Valerie Bertinelli Husband Tom Vitale including his net worth, career, and much more on wiki-details.

Tom Vitale married life with Valerie Bertinelli

As soon as Valerie Bertinelli separated with Eddie Van Halen, Eddie Van Halen began a very much new dating life with Tom Vitale. In short, Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale started dating in the year 2004, a time before their divorce process was settled. In the month of May the year 2010, the husband to Valerie Bertinelli whi is called Tom Vitale was very much brave to propose to the American star, and on 1st January the year 2001, these two had a wedding in a very much colorful wedding in Malibu situated in California state. The wedding was attended by very few persons and it was secretive because the information about the celebrities’ in attendance remains under the carpet up to date.

Tom Vitale with his wife Valerie Bertinelli
Tom Vitale with his wife Valerie Bertinelli

How Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale met remains a unidentified, though this information will be availed to you once Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale open up about this aspect of their life. As far as they are concerned, Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale are living a very much happy life, though it is too early for us to tell whether their relationship will last a lifetime. Even though it is almost nine years into their marriage, the couple does not have children.

Tom Vitale net worth, career, and profession

The husband to Valerie Bertinelli whi is Tom Vitale is a financial planner and a producer. His main sources of income include financial planning and production. Although the net worth of Tom Valerie is somewhat high is it nothing compared to what his wife earns. According to a popular website called Celebrity net worth, Tom Valerie’s net worth is an estimated $5 million against his wife’s $20 million.

Tom Vitale net worth is $5 million
Tom Vitale net worth is $5 million

For most women, their marriage break up when their net worths are greater than those of their men, but this seems to be a non-issue when it comes to Valerie Bertinelli and her husband and this means that the star is in every aspect respectful to her man regardless of their huge income differences.
There is no much information that is disclosed about the financial planning career of Tom Vitale, but as for his production career, it began way back in the year 1987 at Viacom where Valerie Bertinelli worked in the program acquisition department before joining NBC some years later. Tom Vitale is an active alumnus of William club initiative of Williams College, he also worked on the board of the William Clubs for ten years. Tom Vitale is very much recognized by Fieri Manhattan as their former president, and Fieri National-an Italian-American charitable organization acknowledges him as their former Vice President.
As per now, Tom Vitale is the Executive Vice President of Original Movies and Programming at Syfy and Chiller. He is also the person who is responsible for the acquisition, development as well as programming of movies and series in this organization. To add on all these, he is also the President of a company that connects its clients with savvy firms using local, regional and special deals by the name Veebow. Apart from his production and financial planning career, Valerie Bertinelli’s husband Tom Vitale in the year 1999 co-produced the play called Dyslexic Heart.

Valerie Bertinelli’s husband wiki-bio

Even though the exact birthdate of Tom Vitale is not revealed, very much reliable sources show us that Tom Vitale was born in January the year 1967 in the United States of America, and this means that in the year 2018, the producer’s age is 51 years old. It means that Tom Vitale is seven years younger than Valerie Bertinelli who is his wife. Tom Vitale currently stays in Malibu with his beloved wife Valerie Bertinelli. The husband to Valerie Bertinelli called Tom Vitale is an American that is categorized in the white ethnicity. About the education, Tom Vitale went to William’s College. As his wife, this is not his first marriage because before tying the knot with the star, the man had been married to a lady by the name Sharon and together they had a child.

Quick Facts about Valerie Bertinelli’s husband Tom Valerie

Name Tom Valerie
Age 51
Birthdate January 1967
Birthplace United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Programming and financial planning
Net worth $5 million
Wife Sharon divorced
Valerie Bertinelli-married in 2011
Children 2-stepson and biological son
Weight Not Known
Height Not Known

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