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UFC fighter Chuck Liddell Net Worth

Hurl Liddell, “The Iceman” is an America resigned blended military craftsman and previous UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He has a broad striking foundation in America Kenpo, Koei-Kan karate, and kickboxing. He had 23 battles in the UFC. Alongside Randy Couture, they brought MMA into the standard of American games excitement. How about we discover his total assets and diverse wellsprings of pay. Likewise, see his home and vehicles in wiki type bio.


Liddell is total assets $14 million. Liddel is the most noteworthy worker in the historical backdrop of the UFC when it comes solely to battle pay. This has brought about his enormous total assets. Over his vocation, Liddell has earned an incredible $4.3 million. In the wake of resigning, Liddell has kept on pulling income from a cluster of various streams. Checking his yearly salary after retirement is assessed to be $4 million every year.

Source of revenues for Chuck Liddell’s Net worth.

The essential salary of Liddell was from his battles. His first battle earned him $1000 as it were. Winning this challenge pushed him to fame. Because of this prevalence and battle against Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture, Liddell’s profit from his battles have expanded. Another wellspring of salary is highlighting in films. Liddell has included in a few motion pictures precedent The Prison Riot along Dolph Lundgren. Toss Liddell has additionally highlighted in twelve network shows, for the most part as himself. Toward the finish of his profession, he was paid $5000000 per battle, win or lose. Liddell has sponsorships, book deals, and different undertakings help to cushion his pay.


Toss Liddell possesses a place of $1.3 million. Other than this house, he claims other costly homes. Toss Liddell drives Ferrari F430 which is assessed to cost $186 925 in The United States and 2013 BMW 760Li which is his every day drive. The primary vehicle he obtained was the 1988 Ford Ranger. Sooner or later, Liddell claimed a 2005 Hammer H2.Liddell deals books which additionally and grants.


As from the beginning of his profession, Liddell’s pay has expanded in the ensuing years. With his retirement and commitment in different organizations, his total assets has likewise expanded. He has wandered in various streams which keep on giving him salary. His yearly salary is evaluated to be $4 million every year.

Year Net worth(Million)
2013 $7
2014 $9
2015 $11
2016 $12
2017 $14



Liddell’s carries on with a costly life. He claims costly houses and vehicles. He lives in a $1.3 million house. He drives Ferrari F430 which is assessed to cost $186 925 in the United States. This uncovers Liddell is carrying on with a lavish life subsequent to resigning from his profession. His preferences dressing in formal garments.


Charles David “Hurl” Liddell was conceived on December 17, 1969, Santa Barbara, California, United States. He is known as The Iceman when in the ring. In kickboxing, he had 22 battles winning 20 and losing 2.He is hitched to Heidi North Scott and they have 3 kids. Liddell started by examining Koei-Kan karate at the period of 12.Liddell additionally used to play football at San Marcos High School. He has raised by his mom and maternal granddad. Liddell finished his battling profession on December 29,2010.

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