Top 10 Black Lesbian Celebrities Couples

In the 21st century, lesbian gay and transgender are legalised. Many countries pass a special law of them and accepted their existence. Now they can also enjoy their life and express their life freely. In the past year, they can’t enjoy their life. Many black celebrities of America comes under in this community. So Many black celebrities are lesbian and they accepted their relationship in front of the world.

Robin Robert And Amber Laign

In American celebrities, many women accepted that they are lesbian. Publically Robin Robert also accepted that she is a lesbian. From 2005 she is dating to Amber Laign.

Dana Owens And Eboni Nichols

Dana Owens is the most popular black lesbian celebrities. She is a rapper and actress. In the past, she was quite on her relationship status and on that she is a lesbian. From 2013 she has a relationship with dancer and choreographer Eboni Eboni Nichols.

AzMarie Livingston And Raven Symone

Livingston is a famous black American celebrity who accepted publically that she is a lesbian in the age of 14. Her father accepted her. She was an in a relationship with the famous model and jockey Raven Symone and after a five-year relationship, they separated.

Alex Niedbalski And Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes is a popular writer, actress and comedian. In 2008 she accepted that she is a lesbian. Her first marriage was in 1991 with the producer Dave Hill and they got divorced in the year 1998. Now she is married to her lesbian lover name Alex Niedbalski. They first met in 2006. Both of them adopted two children.

Tracy Chapman And Guinevere Turner

Tracy Chapman is a famous musician and she always hides her life from the media. She never accepted publically that she is a lesbian. She dated to many women and in the year of 1990 is dated to Alice walker who is an American writer. Currently, she is in a relationship with the Guinevere tuner. She is a writer and screenwriter.

Raven Symone Pearman

Raven is a well-known celebrity in black Celebrities. She is accepted that she has a female lover and she is a lesbian.

Felicia Person And Bernice Burgos

Felicia Person was just 12 years old when she accepted that she is a lesbian. From 2018 she is dating a famous Instagram model name Bernice Burgos and now they are planning to adopt a child.

Sheryl Swoops And Alisa Scott

Sheryl Swoops and Alisa Scott both are a basketball player. Sheryl Swoops was straight and married with the Jordan Jackson in the year 1995. In 1997 she delivered a boy named Jordan Eric Jackson and in 1999 she was separated from his husband. In 2005 she officially accepted that she is a gay and dating to Alisa Scoot. Soon they parted and in the year of 2011, she got to engage her male fired Chris Unclersho. In 2017 they got married.

Dee Rees And Sarah Brown

Dee Rees has a special place in the famous black American lesbian celebrities. She is in a relationship with the writer and poet name Sarah Brown. They are married and loves each other a lot.

Tessa Thompson And Janelle Monae

Tessa Thompson a famous actress of America. It is rumoured that she is dating a singer named Janelle Monae.

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