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Tom Cassell Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Tom Cassel was born on 23 June 1993 in Manchester, United Kingdom. He is a sensation in the gaming world and runs his project on YouTube called TheSyndicateProject. His height is 1.7 m and he is 28 years old. He is a famous Youtuber and Vlogger. He owns a gaming channel which is one of the most subscribed gaming channels currently. Besides the obvious reasons for why the YouTuber is surrounded by countless subscribers, he also has other achievements for which the people know him. For instance, he has received the title of Guinness World Record for being the first person on twitch who crossed 1M followers.

Tom Cassell Net Worth

As of 2nd January 2022, there are 9.77M subscribers of Tom Cassell on his Youtube Channel “Syndicate”. From this channel, the approximate amount of money that Cassell makes falls in the $35.3K – $565.5K range. His estimated net worth is around $6K as suggested by Wealthy People. The channel has around 200,000 views on a daily basis and 250,000 – 500,000 views on a monthly basis.

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There are also other channels of Tom- though not that famous- Life of Tom and SyndicatePlays. Life of Tom has around 2.59M subscribers and is made for the fans to get to know him through vlogs. There are 400+ videos on his channel. SyndicatePlays has 115K subscribers currently having five videos only. Its number is way more than his subscriber on the original/ main channel, “Syndicate”.


Tom Cassell Dating History And Marriage Details

According to the records of dating celebs, Tom Cassell is not dating currently. Tom Cassell has had many relationships. As suggested by Celebs couple, Tom was in a relationship with Kaitlin Witcher who was also a YouTuber. They have many vlogs and videos together. The cute couple broke up in 2013. His next girlfriend was Jess Hollingworth and they had a break up in 2016. He also had an old friend named Lydia Hewitt-Lee who became his girlfriend but they later broke up in 2018.

After some time, they got back again as friends thus giving room to new rumors about their connection. However, both did not give out any information about their friendship/ relationship status

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Tom Cassell Family Details

Tom has not disclosed the information about his family as we see most of the celebrities or influencers doing these days. An article by Live Ramp Up suggested that Cassell’s parents have been divorced he stays in touch with them and is on good terms with both of them. He has an older sister as well. Her name is Alice and has a significant number of followers on her social media handles -which many suggest are because of Tom.

Tom Cassell Career Details

In an interview on Wired, Tom Cassell gave out all the necessary details about how his career started. At the age of 15, Tom was inspired by his friend who used to record videos and then upload them on youtube. He liked the idea. Another great inspiration for him was a YouTuber called “Hotch” who also had his voiceovers on the videos. This idea amused him a lot and thus he started doing the same.

His career as a YouTuber started in September 2010 when he posted his first gaming video. He was 17 years old back then and just stepped into the world of gaming and youtube. It took him a lot of time to reach the heights of success that he has now. It took him around 19 years to gain 10 million subscribers. And he has been growing ever since.

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From a daily hobby, Tom transformed into a gamer renowned in the world of gaming today. Something that made him different from others was his skills to have creative and funny voiceovers which made people laugh. He loved gaming and he could make others love gaming as well which is the reason why he is a renowned figure today.

Tom Cassell Scandals

According to BBC, Tom has been caught gambling twice in a row along with Trevor Martin. He also apologized later for misleading the audience even if that happened unintentionally. Furthermore, there are also accusations of sexual assault on Tom by Natalie Casanova, known as TheZombiUnicorn, and ex-girlfriend Kaitlin Witcher. Cassell however rejected all the claims thus calling them false -denying all the allegations.