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TK Kirkland Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Terence “TK” Kirkland was the second born son to parents Ann and James Kirkland, on 3rd April 1961 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Despite being born in New Jersey he spent his adolescence in Compton, California. He is known as a stand-up comedian, an actor and a podcast writer and host.

TK Kirkland Marriage Details

He is married to his second wife Tamara by which he has three children; two daughters, Trinity and Isis and a son, Aris. He remains on good terms with his first wife with whom he had a son, Jordan.

TK Kirkland Body Measurements

His big personality is in contrast to his physical stature TK stands at only 5ft 2 inches tall (157cm) and 73kg 160lb.

TK Kirkland Career Details

His big break came when he partnered rap legend Easy-E. He toured with NWA, leading to TK gaining the nickname “Gangsta of Comedy “. Other stage partnerships have included Jay-Z, Eminem, Madonna, 50 Cent, Keyshia Cole, Lil’ Wayne, Kid Rock and Vin Diesel. In addition to this he has appeared in numerous music videos including NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’, ‘It’s Funky Enough’ by the D.O.C and 50 Cent’s ‘Window Shopper’.

TK immersed himself into writing and producing with some of his most memorable and entertaining performances took place whilst hosting Television shows, Laffapalooza and BET’s comic view. TK is also often remembered for hosting the 1993 Soul Train Comedy awards. He has collaborated with, the American Television series production company, HBO, to produce a special show titled “ Mo’Funny” a History of Black comedy in America. His performance in the show was met with amazing reviews where TK was likened to comedy legends Richard Pryor, Red Foxx and Moms Mabley. TK’s career took a slight change of direction from stage to film when a couple of years later in 1995 he appeared in New Jersey Drive, ‘Strays’ in 1997 and ‘Rising to the top’ in 1999. He also appeared in ‘Comedy after Dark’ in 2003 ‘The Champagne Gang ‘and ‘Hip Hop Life’ both in 2006. ‘Birds of a Feather’

TK started his own management company which gave him the opportunity to meet and manage some of the biggest names in show business including Jamie Foxx, DL Hughley and Michael Epps. Later on in his management career he joined forces with Tommy Castro and David Clingman to start Artistry Management Firm. This meant that TK could focus his efforts in the following areas of the performing arts, New Media Arts, Film Television Radio and Video. This broadening of his skillset gave him the opportunity to work with names such as Sandra Bullock, Anthony Michael Hall and John Leguizamo to name a few.

TK has released multiple albums including ‘Who Raised You’ and ‘Gangsta Conversation’. The ‘Are There Any Questions?’ Album was a number one selling album on Amazon. TK has also appeared on some of the biggest podcasts and radio shows of the time. These included shows such as ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Brilliant Idiots’, Vlad TV’, Noreaga’s Drink Champs’ and also his own radio show ‘The TK Kirkland Show’. His show helps people with relationship problems, financial problems, finding employment and any problems in between.

TK was not always the angel that he is now back in 1998 TK received a five year probation for getting caught with a fake credit card, which was in the name Sean “Diddy” Comb. In 2014 he was arrested for allegedly providing a forged driving licence to a New Jersey state police. The offence was meant to have occurred at Interstate 80 in Knowlton Township and this resulted in him getting arrested, due to there being an outstanding warrant in his name. The bail was set at 20K.

Kirkland has also been remonstrated for stealing material s from his fellow actors including the Murphy brothers and Charli and Eddie. He admitted to the accusations and apologised for the plagiarism. He was also condemned for taking all the credit for every significant event he signed which was not entirely true.

TK Kirkland Awards

TK Kirkland was awarded Red Foxx Comedian Award by Club Emerald in 2019.

TK Kirkland Net Worth

TK’s net worth is approximately $2 Million and this is made up predominantly of his earnings from his films, radio and television shows appearances. His approximate salary is $75000 per show. He has had several gigs which he made a huge amount of money. His income is supplemented by the two management firms that he owns.

TK is a member of the elite comedian’s club and is now considered one of the most important and influential comedians in comedy today.