Tik Tok Star Cash Baker Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth, Height, Dating, Girlfriend

Tik Tok is the most addictive application of the recent times where people lip sync to various audio. With this application arose many stars and one of the famous ones if Cash Baker. He along with his brother has done various Tik Tok videos and they are the internet stars. He has over 7.5 million followers on social media.

Cash baker was born to his mother Tara Baker and father Rick Baker on 3rd March 2003 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has 2 siblings Lani Baker and Maverick Baker. As mentioned Cash became an internet sensation due to his Tik Tok lip sync videos with his brother Maverick. He soon released his single “The Way you Move” in November 2018. His sister Lani is also internet personality with over 4 million followers.

Cash is also talented singer and is also se to release many single music songs. Currently he has over 11 million followers. He also is an influencer that means he gets paid for posting posts on social media. Cash along with his brother also has a YouTube channel with more than 300k subscribers. He gets paid for posting videos and for the number of viewers for his videos posted.

Cash is blonde haired teenager. He is as tall as 6 feet. He is currently staying Los Angeles. Cash also is a fan of Motocross. He is does skate boarding which is quite popular with the kids in the United States.

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Cash Baker Age

He is around 16 years in age currently.

Cash Baker Girlfriend

With his charming looks and his popularity he ought to have a girlfriend. Wondering how many girls would have proposed to him. Although is just 16 he has a large fan following especially girls. But cash does not seem to be revealing or interest about his love life. He is too young to fall to such distraction which is being sensible. He has a long life ahead and we are sure he will date a few at least.

Cash Baker Height

Still a teenager, Cash already is around 6 feet tall. This is one of the reasons for his popularity and charming looks. Girls like tall guys and Cash is also handsome. He has a very good hair-style that keeps him spotted in the crowd. Cash is an active kid that keeps him fit and fine.

Cash Baker Net Worth, Career Details

He has a net worth of around $200 Thousand. This is a very good net worth considering his age and his popularity in the internet world. He is known for his videos mainly on Lip syncing. Most of the kids in his age do not get a chance to lead a life like him and also be successful with his profession. He has already released couple of single musical songs.

Cash is continuing his Tik Tok journey with various video uploads. He is also a talented singer and has already released couple of singles. He released “The Way you move” in the year 2018. He also released a music video “Whatever It Takes” in April 2019.

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