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Thijs Lauer: Biography of Journalist Matt Lauer’s Son

If you have come across Thijs Lauer you probably know that he is the son to American television journalist Matt Lauer and model Annette Roque.

Thijs Lauer became popular at a very young age due to the strong bond he shares with his family. Being the last born in the family Thijs has two siblings; Jack Matthew his brother and Romy Lauer his sister. Among all the three siblings Thijs is the most popular one in the entertainment industry.

Born on 28th November 2006, Thijs was named after the Dutch name Matthijs which the Dutch form for Mathew. Thijs was not named Matthew since his elder brother was already called Matthew, His name was thus shortened to Thijs Mat Lauer making him the son that inherited his mother’s Dutch origin.

Thijs is very much loved by his family, he is very good in his studies and also a good footballer. He is passionate about journalism just like his father and hopes that once in college he will take up journalism and be a journalist soon after.

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About His Parents

Thijs Lauer’s father, Matt Lauer is a well-known journalist and a co-host of “The Today Show”. His mother, on the other hand, is a successful former Dutch model, who participated in various runway events. Matt Lauer and Annette Roque got married in 1988, this was after Matt Lauer divorce from his first wife, Nancy Alspaughin 1988. The two were married for 7 years; from 1981.

After the divorce, Matt met Annette, the two dated for a while before deciding to get married in 1988. They have 2 boys and 1 girl together and their marriage is currently 31 years and still counting. Truly they are a couple to marvel at. Earlier in 2006, Annette filed for divorce accusing Matt of not spending enough time with his family, despite this almost coming to end, and the rumors of Matt being cruel to Annette, the couple was able to resolve their disputes and cancel the divorce. During an interview, Matt confirmed that he had a difficult time balancing his work time and family time but he is currently working on it to make sure he spends quality time with his family.

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Being famous at such a young age. Thijs is set to a greater path if he keeps up the limelight in his life. His parents’ celebrity status has earned him his celebrity status and we hope to see more of him in the industry in the future.

Facts about Thijs Lauer.

Name : Thijs Lauer

Birth : November 28, 2006

Parents :  Father Matt Lauer, Mother Annette Roque

Sibllings :  Jack Matthew Lauer, Romy Lauer

Nationality : American

Ethnicity : White

Profession : Student