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Theresa Roemer Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Married, Kids, Social Media Influence, Family

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There are some who are born with not just one but many talents and Theresa Roemer is one such personality. She is a famous entrepreneur and also a body builder, interesting much, isn’t it? Well, let’s peek more into the life of this amazing celebrity.

Theresa Roemer Bio And Family History

Theresa was born on 27 September, 1961 in Nebraska, USA. She is 57 years old as of now. Not much information has been available about her family apart from that she was blessed with two lovely siblings.

Being born as a 6 week pre mature baby, it was assumed that she won’t be able to do physical activities but guess she was determined to prove everybody wrong. She even went onto becoming a body builder and fitness trainer. In her junior high, she was a basketball star who made her way to Black Hills State University, South Dakota. But seems like, some other destination was calling her so she had to turn down the opportunity. Later she achieved a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious college.

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Theresa Roemer Married, Dating History And Kids

No one can escape the twists and turns of fate. Even Theresa couldn’t. She had a hard luck when it came to personal affairs. Her first relationship broke up on a bad note. After 7 years, her first marriage ended too leaving her all broken and shattered. Later she started afresh with a friend who was a ‘coal-miner’. She married him and was blessed with a child named, ’Michael Roemer’.

However, the relation didn’t last. She had to take a divorce after a devastating incident. She left for California with her son but seems like, more misery and pain was awaiting her. She lost her only son in 2006.

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She never gave up and get back up every time life knocked her down. Her business of fitness was going along side. It was around two years or so when life gave her a chance to experience motherhood again. Two twins were born bringing joy to her heart and soul.

Finally, she decided to give another chance to marriage. In Texas, she wedded ‘Lamar Roemer’ who works in an energy business. They have been blessed with three daughters named, Tashina, Leslie, Lauren Morgan and two sons, Maximillion and LB Roemer.

Theresa Roemer Net Worth And Career

The career slope of Roemer is eye popping! Yes, along with her spouse, she owns many businesses including more than three oil and gas companies. She is a real entrepreneur who lives to inspire many.

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Apart from being a fitness instructor and former body builder, she is a philanthropist and social media influencer as well. Not just that, she has been an author, a radio host, speaker and Youtuber.

Her closet, ’She-cave’ is pretty famous and said to be the world’s largest closet. She has won many pageants and title including the U.S. Open Title for Body Building. Surprisingly, she owns a fitness wear line named.’NI30D Athletics’.

According to the sources, her net worth is $12.9 million U.S. dollars (by 2018). Undoubtedly, she is one of the richest and popular entrepreneurs.

Quick Facts About Theresa Roemer

Born: 27 September 1961, Nebraska, USA
Age (as of 2019) – 57 years old
Profession: Entrepreneur,
Social media influencer,
Author, Philanthropist, Fitness instructor
And former Bodybuilder
Nationality: American
Siblings: Two
Spouse: Lamar Roemer (Present)
Children: 5 (as of now)
Net worth: $9 million US Dollars (by 2018)