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The Kid Mero or Joel Martinez was born in The Bronx, NY on May 15, 1983. He is a comedian and internet personality. Although born in Washington Heights to Dominican immigrant parents, Mero’s family shifted to the Bronx when he was a child. His nickname came from the word ‘Romero’ which was given by his father and uncle. He belonged to a two family house and had all his aunts and uncles staying in that joint family.

The Kid Mero Education And Career Details

Mero graduated from 1.S. 117 there. He is also a Dominican-American writer. He gained recognition after co-starring the show Desus vs. Mero with Desus Nice. He made many appearances on the MTV2’s show, Uncommon Sense and paired with the host, Charlamagne tha God. Before his career in entertainment, he worked as teaching assistant at a school in The Bronx. He began to write scripts for Noisey in 2012.

The Kid Mero Marriage Details

He is married to Heather Martinez, a teacher from New Jersey. She is Jewish by origin and hence Mero also became a member of the tribe. He likes hamantaschen. He and his family live in Heather’s place at New Jersey. The reason he gives for this is

When you get money, you’re supposed to move to New Jersey. If you were to be from Queens, you are supposed to move to Long Island.

His responses and way of conversing reflect his strong sense of humor.

Mero and his wife have four children with three boys and one baby girl. However he is unable to attend the milestone events of his children’s lives due to his tight schedule at the studio. His wife Heather takes care of them mostly.

The Kid Mero Net Worth

Mero’s first article that was published on November 14, 2012 was a review of Canadian electronic music duo Crystal Castle’s album. A total of 69 articles were written for Noisey and most of them comprised mix tape reviews. He is a rich star on YouTube and one of the most popular one. The audience of the show comprised those from hip hop culture and also actors and comedians along with other key personalities.

Martinez said,

I had no dreams of being on TV and it just kind of happened.

Martinez and Baker who were 35 years old had to carry on the new network. When they first developed their Twitter following individually and came to know each other, each decided to give up their job. Baker was tired of his job as finance columnist and Martinez gave up his work at junior high school. When in school, The Kid Mero wanted to teach earth science and biology during his middle school or high school. During the show the duo would talk about rappers, social media and pop culture and drank from red plastic cups. Other MTV series like ‘Guy Code’ and ‘Joking Off’ also caught a lot of attention. His net worth is $55 million in 2019. With a huge fan following this is likely to grow even higher.

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