The Best Animal Shows On Television

It is worth noting that much focus has been put on animal television shows. And these animals include pets, animals in orphanages and sanctuaries, those under veterinary care as well as wildlife in general, and that is why we are going to look at the best animal shows on television.

Let us dig deep into a list of admirable animal shows that everyone likes to watch on our televisions. In the past, all these shows used to be found only on the internet. Animal planet and Nat Geo Wild are the most common television channels in this list.

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet on Nat Geo Wild is among the best animal shows on television

Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet, is an animal show that stars a strict and a very much compassionate individual called Mitchell that has the knowledge of treating muskox and pets in the remote areas of Yukon, some few miles away. Dr. Oakley’s three daughters and her husband as well as the entire family enjoy this show just in the same way as her fans enjoy it.

Dr. Oakley handles some interesting cases of usual and unfamiliar animals’ sicknesses that are very much desperate. This makes the show very much educational in terms of animal health and veterinary matters.

The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild

Dr. Pol is 70 years old and has a very big experience of veterinary in livestock, having treated over 20,000 animals. The Incredible Dr. Pol is a television show that features family members from Dr. Pol.

The most important incidence that makes Dr. Pol more common is when he is never ready to refuse a any animal patient brought to him from Michigan’s animal group.

Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER on National Geographic.

The show features operation of house pets except dogs and cats. The ones considered here include Marsupials, ferrets, fish, rabbits, primates, foxes, reptiles and birds are taken care of by Dr. Kelleher Susan.

She goes on and use a soft voice to communicate with a pet bush baby by consoling it. It is therefore well known that we cannot conclude the list of best animal shows before we mention Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER

Pit Bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet

This show features Pit Bull animal rescue center led by Tia Maria Torres doing Animal rescues in an emotional way. Also, the rescue episodes are terrifying because some of them are risky. The show also features her family and Parolee Volunteers in New Orleans.

The show is interesting because it has mixed reactions of sorrow at the start and laughter in the end. It has a lot of love and affection shown by what Tia Maria Torres is doing in changing lives of very many individuals through this tedious exercise.

Cesar 911 on Nat Geo Wild

Cesar works with turning timid owners of various pets into good ones though training them dog whispering techniques. She is therefore nicknamed the “Dog Whisperer”

Sex in the Wild on Public Broadcasting Services (PBS).

This is a very much interesting show that revolves around endangered species and all that matters behind them.

It mainly focusses on animal reproduction and mating habits.

Lucky Dog on CBS

This series is a very much inspiring one because it revolves around giving people tips on how to handle pets and benefitting from them.

It stares Brandon McMillan, an individual who is specialized in training as well as caring for the untrained dogs as well as those that are out of control. This way, he changes them to adoptable and rescued dogs.

Too Cute! On Animal Planet

The show takes 30 minutes and it has Overwhelming delightfulness. The show makes viewers to get the most admirable tricks of kittens and puppies that are examined by Veteran actor Henry Strozier a few weeks after their birth

It features each and everything on how these small creatures develop at the early stages of their development and when they are embraced. The good narration of the show has earned a Henry an Emmy nomination!

My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet

This show revolves much around cats. In it, a cat behaviorist by the name Jackson Galaxy works hard to enhance relationship between human beings and cats by studying and understanding their psychology.

This makes him to know the best environments for the safety of the cats as well as their eating, playfulness and other aspects of this pet. Jackson Galaxy also points out on the best furniture for these pets.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet on Animal planet

This is an interesting animal show that every person should watch.

Dr. Jeff and his 30 veterinary doctors work for Planned Pethood Plus animal veterinary centers to treat over 80,000 animals.


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