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Teddy Bruschi Wife Heidi Bomberger Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Husband’s Teddy Medical Condition

Heidi Bomberger earned membership of the USA National Volleyball Team as she was an Ex American Softball and Volleyball Coach and player, from Nebraska USA. She’s renowned as the wife of Tedy Bruschi. Heidi was born in 1972, she grew up in Auburn Nebraska USA. Heidi has always been a lover of sports. During high school, she was a volleyball champion, this prompted her to secure a scholarship at the University of Arizona for Softball and Volleyball. She was a superb player then in her University days and she has bagged up accolades for her proficiency in volleyball games.

Heidi Bomberger Is Married To Husband Teddy Bruschi

Teddy Bruschi is the husband of Heidi Bomberger. He was born on June 9 1973 in San Francisco, California, USA. He has an Italian and Filipino heritage as his father was from Italy while his mother is from Philippines. Teddy graduated from Roseville High School, situated in Roseville, California where he grew up. Teddy showed his prowess in athletics during his High School days, he was involved in wrestling, track and field as well as football, where he played for the Roseville Tigers as a defensive tackle. After which he proceeded to the University of Arizona, where he continued his skills in athletics as he played football from 1991 to 1995 for Arizona Wildcats football team.

Heidi Bomberger College Career

He was an awesome player as at that time, he emerged victorious in the 1995 Morris Trophy where he was the best defensive lineman for the Pacific 10 Conference. During his career in college, he had total tackle of 185, 6 fumbles , recovered about 5 others, had 74 tackles for losses and bagged up the NCAA Division I-A sack record with a total of 52 sacks. Tedy was given an accolades for being the 1994 – 1995 consensus first team All American.

Heidi Bomberger Professional Career

In 1996 , Tedy landed third position on his team with 17 specific Team tackles, he did a run blocked back in October for a TD. In 1997, Teddy posted 30 defensive tackles which involves 13 special team stops and 4 sacks. He played all the games for the third year and he began the concluding game for the season which includes the 1999 Patriots wild-card game in Jacksonville, USA. In 2000 Tedy concluded all 16 games with 105 tackles. While in 2001 he finished third on his team with 73 as he began 9 of 15 games as linebacker. In 2002 regardless of Tedy inability to play 5 games as a result of injury, he landed number seven on his team with 65 tackle. His teammates voted him as a defensive captain. The year 2003 was a successful game for Tedy, as he was earned second on his team with 137 tackles, he also earned player of the week for AFC Defensive Player of the week. In 2004 Teddy won AFC Player of the week three times, he was second on his team about 122 tackles with 3 interceptions.

Heidi Bomberger’s Husband Teddy Medical Condition

In 2005, three days after Tedy had played in the 2005 Pro Bowl, he was hospitalized. He complained of symthops of blurry vision, headache and temporary numbness. He was later diagnosed with a mild stroke. After several months in the hospital, Tedy recovered from his illness and was set to continue with his career. He was giving an accolades for being the NFL Come back player of the year, still in 2005.

Tedy Bruschi And Heidi Bomberger Bruschi: How Did They Meet?

Tedy and Heidi was college sweethearts as they attended the same College and they started dating from there. Eventually, they got married on June 27 1997. And they are blessed with three amazing children, Tedy Bruschi Jr., Dante Bruschi, and Rex Bruschi.

In 2007 Tedy wrote a book titled “Never Give Up, My Stroke, My recovery and My Return to NFL”. In the book, Tedy emphasized on his experience in hospital when he was diagnosed with mild stroke, how his family confronted the situation, and how they supported him through the illness as at then. The book is more of a motivational book.

After the experienced of Tedy’s mild stroke, Heidi Bruschi began an awareness programme in America so to to be aware and take preventive measure against stroke. The awareness programs generated about $5million funds. The couple took part in the 2019 Boston Marathon, and Tedy Bruschi did a great job as he finished the race in 4 hours, 35 minutes and 30 seconds

Although it was reported via Tedy’s foundation, on July 5, 2019, that he had a second stroke. We hope and pray that Tedy Bruschi will recover from his ailment.

Heidi Bomberger Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Heidi Bomberger stands a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall and a weight of 57kg while Teddy Bruschi stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch Tall and a weight of 112kg (247 Ibs)

Heidi Bomberger Net Worth

Heidi Bruschi’s net worth as at 2019 was estimated at $400k USD while that of Tedy Bruschi as at 2019 was $12 million dollars.