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Tamia Hill Career, Net Worth, Husband Grant Hill, Ethnicity, Wedding, Kids

Tamia Hill is an R&B songstress and is a well known name in Urban Music. Her songs and albums reflect the waves of late 90s and early 2000s. She made Into You a hit and was extremely popular among the Millennials’ lives for above 10 years. She was born on 9th May 1975 in Windsor, Canada and belongs to mixed ethnicity. Her father is Caucasian and mother is African American. With a height of five feet five inches, Tamia is famous for her music Spend My Life With You. Regarding her diverse background Tamia says,

I had the best of both worlds. My family comes in all shades from really light to very dark.

She has three siblings and they all grew up amidst financial constraints.

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Tamia Hill Net Worth

With her talent and persistent commitment Tamia was able to showcase her skills at Luther Vandross’ birthday party in 1994. The famous producer Quincy Jones was impressed by her vocal works and gave her an opportunity to work and be trained by her.

She went on to compose the single You Put A Move on my Heart, which was nominated for Grammy’s. It was released in 1996 and was the start of a legendary period where she won three acknowledgements from Grammy even before the record was out. The debut which was self-titled got a lot of appreciations from both critics and fans. She offered the song A Nu Day at the sophomore which made a hit solo among the Top 100 on Billboard.

Tamia released another LP called More under Elektra before she signed for Image Entertainment and release of Between Friends. During the time span of 2006 to 2012 she took musical break due to multiple sclerosis problems. After the break of six years, she released her fifth studio album Beautiful Surprise. She had signed up for Def Jam and released LPs such as Love Life and Passion Like Fire with the imprint. She was the songstress for Leave it Smoking. Her estimated net worth is $10 million. Net worth of her husband Grant Hill is $250 million.

Tamia Hill Husband Grant Hill

Grant Hill is one of the highest paid athletes in NBA. He is presently retired. Their wedding was a lavish one when they tied the knot on July 24, 1999. The couple met each other through singer Anita Baker. There have been rumors about divorce and extra marital affairs about the couple but that has never harmed their relationship. They have two daughters from their marriage. Myla Grace was born in 2002 while Lael Rose was born in 2007. They are more concerned about their children’s well being that other rumors and social aspects.

Between 1995 and 1998 some singles were released by Tamia and all of them made place among Top 40. Her debut album released in 1998 was certified Gold. Then onwards she released four additional albums all of which went for six Grammy Awards, five Juno Awards, and one Soul Train Award. She also earned the NAACP Image award for her track Spend My Life With You in 2000.