Sylvester Stallone Real Names, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Movies, Early Life, Birth Complications

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, commonly known as Sylvester Stallone, is an actor, director, screenwriter and producer of American origin. Upon arriving in New York City, he struggled a lot for quite some years. Due to complications during his birth, the lower left side of his face are paralyzed even now, which include his lip, tongue and chin. This has also resulted in slurred speech. Even with so many difficulties, he has had the privilege of being nominated for Oscar quite a few times in his lifetime. Let’s delve into his struggling but worth life story.

Sylvester Stallone Net Worth Career, Salary

Even though Stallone initially played a few roles in TV shows and some uncredited roles in films, he struggled to break through. It was because of a boxing match between Muhammad Ali and a relatively obfuscate boxer called Chuck Wepner that he was inspired to pen down the script for Rocky, the movie which proved to be turning point in his career. He even earned Academy Award nominations for his acting and screenplay in the movie, while the film also won best picture honours. The movie has had seven sequels, all equally successful. He also received hi third Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for Creed, a sequel to Rocky.

Throughout the time these sequels were being filmed, Stallone also played in several unforgettable action thrillers. Complimentary to his film work, he has been a noted art collector and a painter. He also did a small cameo in a Bollywood film alongside Kareena Kapoor and Akshay Kumar in the year 2009. And in the very next year, he starred in one of the biggest hits of the year ‘The Expendables’.

His main role in the Rambo saga was so well received by the audience that the American Film Institute also produced various video games, comics and television series based on the story. He has been awarded with various high-profile awards in his entire career.

His Net Worth goes up to a whopping $400 million. His salary for each project is greatly dynamic and is with regards to the role, however, the pay for each role is quite high as can be assessed from the successes that his films have achieved.

Sylvester Stallone Early Life

Apart from the complications during his birth, he was also a lonely and sick child, suffering from rickets. Stallone has said that he developed hid interest in acting as a result of his attempts to get attention from the strangers with whom he was left to be raised. Due to all such mental issues little Stallone had, he was expelled from different schools many times and he was often bullied and looked down to by his fellow students. After the divorce of his parents, he relocated to Philadelphia to stay with his mother with her second husband. His university performances showed to him that his interest in acting was genuine.

In the beginnings, he only used to get very small roles and on top of that, the frequency of being able to find work was very low. His married life has also had quite a few complications, with him marring three times altogether. His life experiences show the genuine struggle of a top class and successful actor.

Quick Facts About Sylvester Stallone

Name: Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
Age: 73
Date of Birth: July 6, 1946
Birthplace: New York, United States
Nationality: American
Height: 1.77 m
Weight:225 pounds
Spouse/Ex: Jennifer Flavin
Parents: Jackie Stallone and Frank Stallone Sr.
Children: Sage, Sophia Rose, Scarlet Rose and Sistine Stallone

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