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Street Outlaws Cast Kye Kelley Bio, Age, Net Worth, Ex-Wife Alisa Mote, New Girlfriend Lizzi Musi

Discovery Channel ever becomes successful to amaze the audiences. This channel is always stuck to do all things to attract new audiences and keep existing audiences. For this, they have brought the show “Street Outlaws”.

This show has featured the most successful underground racers from various places including New Orleans, Oklahoma, Memphis, and some other areas of the USA. On this channel, soon the show has become one of the most praised and popular reality shows. Kye Kelley is a part of this show. He is one of the most prominent racers there. He is an underground racer. And after being a part of the reality show “Street Outlaws”, he has come to prominence. There are several notable racers Bobby “Hollywood” Treadwell, Daddy Dave, and Doc, has defended by him.

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Kye Kelley Bio: Age, Early Life

Kye Kelley was born on May 18, 1985. He is 36 years old now. He was raised in Magnolia, Mississippi.

Kye Kelley Career Details

Street Outlaws’ Kye Kelley is very popular among the audiences and obviously, whenever the word ‘racing’ comes, he is one of the known faces when it comes to racing. He has become so well-known that the whole nation knows about him rather than not only the portion of the prominent in the South (his hometown). He has highlighted and made a high position in his career so beautifully by boosting the performances and beating the OKC Street Outlaws. After that, Kye Kelley ever didn’t get a chance to rest in his career. He is such a great racer that every person who knows he wants to race with him. Even it has been spread within the racer people that Scott Taylor from Mississippi wanted to race Key. It is one kind of desire and passion of everyone that they want to prove their worth on racing by racing Kye. Kye works so hard to keep his owned jet black pro Camaro in the perfect shape, The Shocker to him. So, in the street races, Kye doesn’t forget to maintain his demeanor. From the day he got his license, he has started racing.

Primarily Kye started his career racing on dirt bikes. After that, he started moving to faster cars gradually. And at present, Kye has become the leader of the New Orleans racers from Street Outlaws. Day by day, the area of racing is getting more competitive. So, to cope with the competitive era, Kye ensured his new car and presented it. In 2017, his new car is a modernization of The Shocker 2017.

Presently, his performance shop is in McComb. Even Mississippi brings to add in his net worth in fortune.

Kye Kelley Net Worth

He has made a tremendous and successful career in racing. No doubt, Kye has gotten a well-rounded net worth of millions. It has been estimated that Kelley has a net worth is around $500,000.

Kye Kelley Dating History And Marriage Details

Previously, Kye was married to his first wife. His first wife’s name is Alisa Mote. They used to maintain a public affair. They married in 2016. After 7 months of their married life, Kye and his first wife Alisa had their first child. They got a baby girl. The name of their daughter is Kenadeigh Alexa Kelley. It was known that Kye has also another child with Alisa. There were not that many details and are not revealed.

After being together with his first wife Alisa, Kye and Alisa became separated after a year. After being together, they had divorced each other finally in early 2017. After the divorce completed, Kye quickly moved on from his past, and he found another love.
And after some months of Kye’s separation his first wife Alisa, he announced his status of dating. He was dating with Lizzy Musi. She is a drag racer. Lizzy Musi is the daughter of Pat Musi. Her father is a car engine designer. He is also the owner of the Musi Racing Engines shop.

It previously became the rumor that Kye was involved in a romantic relationship. Lizzy Musi has introduced herself as his girlfriend. Kye made her relationship more clear and official. Key started introducing herself as his girlfriend. After becoming known to everyone, Kye and Lizzy don’t feel any hesitation to become flaunt about sharing memories of each other on social media sites. Lizzy loves to share their memories, the appreciation for the racer. She was kind enough for the year of Christmas in 2018 and shared memories that she spent time with Kye’s family.