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Storage Wars Cast Brandi Passante Net Worth And Bio

Date of Birth May 16, 1980
Age 39 Years
Citizenship American
Profession TV Personality
Marital Status Married
Husband/Spouse Jarrod Schulz
Divorced Not Yet
Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth $2 Million
Ethnicity North American
Children/Kids Camren Schulz(Son), Payton Schulz(Daughter)
Height 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)

Brandi Passante came into the limelight shortly after she joined the A&E reality show ” storage wars”. Together with her fiancée and business partner Schulz Jarrod, this American TV star joined the show after establishing their Thrift store ” Now and then Second Hand Stores”. Despite being among the lowest earning in the show, the two have managed to impress their fans because of their continued resilience in bidding. This has largely contributed to their fame as well as to their increased net worth and budding business. Their 15 year old relationship has immensely helped the two learn to grow and develop both as a couple and as business partners.

Brandi Passante Bio: Age, Family, Early Life

Brandi Passante, born on May 16, 1980, is 39 years old at present. She hails from Texas, USA and comes from a business family. Brandi is extremely private about her early life and personal matters. Not much is known about her past apart from the fact that her knack for business goes back to her business roots. Her ambition from childhood was to make her name as a chef. It is on her mother’s advice that she tried her hand at reality TV and yes, it did pay off really well!

She now resides in California with two children, Cameron and Payton Schulz, and her two pet bulldogs. She claims that she has not dated anyone before Jarrod but admits to a serious infatuation with the American actor John Cusack.

Brandi Pessante Kids

Brandi Pessante and her partner, Jarrod, have two kids- Cameron and Payton Schulz. It is not certain whether the duo have married or continue to live together. There was a romantic marriage proposal and talks of their marriage were doing the rounds during her pregnancy but it is not certain whether the couple followed through with their wedding plans.

Is Brandi Passante Lesbian?

Brandi Passante is straight as far as the media knows. There has been no rumours about her lesbian relationship with any woman.

How Much Is Brandi Passante’s Net Worth?

Have you ever wondered what Brandi Passante of Storage Wars fame might be worth? How much money might she be raking in with her famous husband, Jarrod Schulz? With her stint as a popular TV star and her entrepreneurship in storage businesses, it is estimated that her net worth may be as much as 2 million $. It is not just the fact that she is one of the most loved TV actors, it is also her multiple business ventures that contribute to her worth.

In particular, the Brandi Passante store has been incredibly popular. Along with her co-star and now husband Jarrod Schulz, who also values at 2 million $, the couple’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping 4 million $. Brandi probably would not have raked in the millions that she did if not for the Storage Wars. When the show started off in 2010, the cast members were paid 2000 $ per episode. But as the fame of the show skyrocketed, Brandi was paid 15,000 $ per episode. It is only her husband, Jarrod, among the other cast members, who was paid as much. The pair’s success brought them a spinoff of their own in 2014, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job. It is reported that Brandi earned around 12,000$ per episode and Jarrod brough in 58,000 $ total per month. After 11 seasons and many a bidding war, the couple has finally called it quits from the Storage Wars.

At present, they together run a store of 3000 square feet, made possible by the cash they raked in from the TV show. Their store often featured in their TV show, thus increasing its reputation. Their first store opened in 2009, a year before the first season of Storage Wars, and now its fame has reached sky heights. In addition, Schulz also owns a clothing line, Outlaw Apparel and sells online merchandise.

Brandi also earned 750 $ on winning a lawsuit against porn distributor Hunter Moore. She had lodged a defamation suit against Moore as he claimed to be in possession of nude videos of Brandi. She had demanded 2.5 million $ as compensation, but received only 750 $. If she would have won the entire money as compensation, it would have skyrocketed her valuation even further up.

Is Brandi Passante Married To Husband Or Dating Boyfriend?

As all her fans know, Brandi Passante is in a long term relationship with her coworker Jarrod Schulz. They have featured in several seasons of the Storage Wars together. They also appeared in a show exclusively focused on their personal lives, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job. It is on live television in one of the episodes of the first season of Storage Wars that Jarrod proposed to Brandi on camera. It is their dog and their two children who help Jarrod in making a dreamily romantic marriage proposal. The god comes in wearing a tuxedo and has a dog tag that asks her hand in marriage. How cute and charming is that! After this, Jarrod went down on his knees in a passionate style to ask her to marry him. Of course, who would resist his hand after this? In the 7th episode of the show, the couple went wedding dress hunting.

Brandi Passante Wedding Details

What is most intriguing is that even after this public declaration of love, the news of their wedding did not hit the public. It can be assumed that it was a very private event. Since there is no online evidence of their marriage, some sources claim that the couple has still not tied the knot but continues to lie together in their 15 year long relationship. It is uncertain if the couple has secretly tied the knot or not. But they are referred to as husband and wife in most places. They declare that they did not feel for each other at first sight. Their relationship took a while to kickstart. Jarrod happened to be Brandi’s superior at work, to be specific, in a carpet cleaning company. So it was inappropriate for him to pursue her. This is the reason why the courtship came from the lady! Now they are a power couple, successful not just on TV but also in their multiple business ventures.

Brandi and Jarrod Divorce

“Brandi and Jarrod Divorce” is one of the most searches phrases on Google at present. It is uncertain whether there is any truth in these words on the street. It is probably because there has been no confirmation about the next season of Storage Wars or the couple’s presence in it. This rumor may also have been fueled by the absence of Jarrod’s photos on Brandi’s Instagram posts. Instead, she often poses cozy pictures with another man whom she calls ‘Uncle Scooby’.

An analysis of the social media posts reveals that neither Jarrod nor Brandi have shared pictures of each other in a long time, which has led people to conjecture that they have parted ways. Brandi’s social media used to regularly feature photos of Jarrod and their kids. Firstly, she has changed her username to Brandi Leigh. And instead of happy family pictures, her Instagram feed is now strewn with seductive selfies. Her flirtatious photos in bikinis and her come hither look hints that she is single and ready to mingle.

In one of her pictures in a sultry bikini, if you manage to tear your eyes away from her more obvious attractions, you will notice that the engagement ring is missing from her finger. This is the same engagement ring that Jarrod had given her in a romantic proposal on camera.

Jarrod too is completely silent about Brandi. There is not a single photo of hers in his recent posts. His only concern seems to be his new bar, The Rush Bar and Grill, in Lake Forest, California. We do not know for sure if the couple had indeed carried on with their wedding plans. But now it does look like the power couple has unfortunately split up. Fans are worried about how this breakup is going to affect Storage Wars season 13.

Brandi Passante Career Details

Brandi Passante is one of the most renowned American TV stars, along with her husband, Jarrod Schulz. Yes, she is a Taurus and that says something about her flare for business. Hailing from Harris County, Texas, Brandi has made her name in TV as well as in the field of entrepreneurship. She and her husband got their first big break in the show Storage Wars. Its immense popularity brought them a spinoff of their own, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job. They own the Now and Then thrift store in Orange, California. Brandi had initially participated in reality TV show with the hope of winning some storage units for their store. The bidding skills of the couple made them one of the most loved participants in the show. The stardom they gained through their stint on TV helped them open a new store along with the previous one. They had little notion that their television appearance would thrust in the spotlight for years to come. They have been starring in all the subsequent seasons of Storage Wars. Their own spinoff focused specifically on the couple and featured their personal and family relationships. It did not do too well in the box office and had to be cancelled after merely 8 episodes.

Brandi Pessante and Jarrod Schulz opened the first outlet of their thrift store, Now and Then, in 2009, just a year before they first participated in the TV show, Storage Wars. It is after the launch of the business that they were invited to cast for the A&E reality TV show Storage Wars. As a cast member of the reality show, she is entitled to an undisclosed salary.

 It was for the purpose of buying some good storage units for their store that the couple has initially enlisted themselves into the reality show. The unforeseen success of the show escalated the sale of their store manifold. Following their success on television, the couple has built for themselves an empire of some sorts. However, it is interesting that Brandi categorically refuses to let her children be a part of their business ventures.

Entrepreneurship is too difficult a life, which she does not wish for her two children. She definitely wants her kids to stay out of the business of buying storage units.

The couple also run their own show Brandi and Jarrold: married to the job besides the storage wars. Through their resilience and hard work the couple have managed to expand their business to a new location, the long beach.

Brandi has over the years managed to keep her audience glued to shows thanks to her charm and confidence and not to mention her friendly nature to her fans. She is often said to have a”take no prisoners” attitude. And this is what she has to say about it,

I have to turn around my scores quickly because they play for the next auction. If I don’t flip the items I can bid again

She clearly knows what is in stake for her and knows how to defend it. Jarrold finally proposed to her during the very first season of their show in the presence of their kids. He dressed their dog in a tuxedo and put a tag around his neck asking Brandi to marry him.

Later on in the Seventh episode, Brandi went shopping for her wedding gown and just like every girls dream, she narrated how she wanted her wedding to be.

Despite her DIU conviction, it is worth mentioning that Brandi has changed to be a better woman, wife and mother. She is now a celebrated reality TV star.

Brandi Passante Body Measurements: Height And Weight

Brandi Passante is an enchanting woman who stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches. Do you want to find out more about her vital statistics? This gorgeous woman rocks in a 41-27-39 inches body frame. This stunning woman boasts of a perfect hourglass figure. She has an average build and weighs 77 kgs.

She is a few dress sizes bigger than the average celebrity women but she wears her body with great confidence. She is known for her ample bust and is the proud possessor of 36DD natural breasts, which adds much to her charm. Without breast implants or enhancement surgeries, her figure looks like that of a glamour model. Her brown eyes exponentially increase her appeal.