Steven V Roberts Education, Career, Net Worth, Wife Cokie Roberts Died

Steven Roberts is a well known journalist writer and also commentator of politics who was born in New Jersey, USA. His birth of date is 11th of February 1943. His wife name was Mrs Cokie Roberts who is also a political commentator for ABC news and author of the best selling book “ we are our mothers daughters”, “capital Dames”, “ ladies of liberty” They have a son named Lee Roberts, a banker and a daughter, Rebecca Roberts, who works as a program specialist. He is also a grandfather of six grandchildren.

Steven V Roberts Education Details

He completed his high school at Beyonne High school. And then while being a student of Harvest University he worked as a editor for Harvard Crimson newspaper, until attain BA graduation. He was then worked as a research assistant for the New York Times and as the bureau chief later on.

Steven V Roberts Career Details

He is also a writer at US news and world report. Meanwhile he also worked as an RJ for National public radio. Currently continuing his work as the editor of US news and world report. His wife Cokie also contributed as a writer and they both have written a certain magazine , “from this day onwards” and published in 2000. They also publish few books after that. in 2005 “my fathers houses” “from every end of this earth in 2009”, and “Our Haggadah in 2011” he had worked for around forty years as a journalist. And currently living in Maryland

His wife Coke Roberts was a best selling author and News analyst at national Public radio and ABC news. She was the daughter the Politician Hale Boggs She worked almost for ten years and diagnosed with breast cancer and died later on, even though she was treated well. Steven and Cokies book “from this day onwards”, related to their marriage and the history of American marriages was on the best selling list for almost seven weeks.

As an addition, Steve also worked for 26 years at the George Washington university as a professor of public and media affairs. He’s been awarded for many of his work, including Dirksen award, public service sector award and Wilbur award and also honoured as a father of the year. Steve used to spend his free time playing tennis.

Steven V Roberts’ Wife Cokie Roberts Died

Recently after the loss of his beloved wife Cokie, Steve shared in a web article that they both have written more than 1000 columns together. And in it he shared how he met his wife for the first time.” I knew immediately that I had met an extraordinary person but I was a typical guy… it took me four years to finally propose… it was the best thing I ever did in my entire life.” He stated. He also shared his wife Cokie was a person who empowered others and helped others to reach high with her grace and good humour.

Steven V Roberts Net Worth

The Caucasian, Steve V Roberts has earned plentiful for a luxurious life through his successful works as a writer and journalist. His 25 years of hard work in his profession has paid him off well. According to the calculations He owns a net worth of $2million US dollars.

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