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Stan Albeck Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Charles Stanely Albeck or more commonly known as Stan Albeck was born on May 17, 1931.He is a retired Basketball coach who has seen extreme success in his profession throughout the years. Stan is an American who was born in the city Chenoa in Illinois.

Stan Albeck Education Details

Stan furnished his high school from Chenoa High School which is located in his hometown. He got his Bachelor’s degree from Bradley University in the year of 1955. But he didn’t continue the pursuit of his Masters degree from there. Instead he got admitted to Michigan University and got his Masters in Arts degree from there in 1957.

Stan Albeck As A Hall Of Famer

Charles Stanley Albeck was inducted in the Hall of Fame of Northern Michigan in 1979. Later in 1981 the man was inducted in the Bradley University Hall of Fame in 1981.

Stan Albeck Time In The Army

Stan served his time in the United States Army for two consecutive years from 1952- 1954.

Stan Albeck Career Details

Stan Albeck’s coaching career started with coaching the Basketball team of Adrian college which is located in Michigan. He coached there in the college division from 1956-57.

Next year in 1958, he joined Northern Michigan University. Stan coached their team from basketball team for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. He continued to do so up until 1968 for 10 long years.

After leaving Northern Michigan University, Stan signed in with the University of Denver. There he acted as the head coach much like his previous work and played in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). He coached there till 1970.

He signed in with the Denver Nuggets as an Assistant Coach under Joe Belmont. When Joe Belmont was fired he was promoted as the interim Head Coach for the team. That year the Nuggets placed fourth even after the failure of Belmont.

After a season with the Denver Nuggets Stan signed in as the assistant coach San Diego Conquistadors from 1972 till 1974. The same year he joined the Kentucky Colonels for the same position. After performing as an Assistant Coach there he parted ways with then in 1976.

Stan had the same experience with the Los Angeles Lakers for two years till 1979. He acted as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers from 1979-1980 only to move on in the next year to the San Antonio Spurs. There he spent three whole seasons as the Head Coach.
The man retired in 2003 and was awarded as the 1988 MVC Coach of the year.

Stan Albeck Net Worth

In 1985 Stan had a three year deal of $900,000 with Chicago Bulls. At that time he had a seasonal income of $250,000. To this day the estimated net worth of Stan Albeck is deemed to be over $19 million.

Stan Albeck Dating History And Marriage Details

There is no record of Stan being involved with anyone in a romantic relationship other than his wife with whom he had been with for 64 years.

Stan Albeck Marriage Details

Stan Albeck is a monogamous American man. His wife’s name is Phyllis Mann. They got married on December 11th of 1952. The pair never got divorced and are together to this day. Phyllis Mann, much like Stan also was never married before tying the knot with him. She was born in 1933 and died in 2017. She was married to her devoted husband for 64 years until her death.

Stan Albeck Parents

Albecks parents lived in Cheona back in 1985. But now only their memory remains as both of Stan Albeck’s parents have passed away. The name of his father was Charles F. Ableck and his mothers name was Ruby M. Albeck. He once mentioned to The New York Times that his father listens to the games led by him and sarcastically mentions that it may even save his life.

Stan Albeck Kids

Stan and Phyliis have five children in total. The eldest of them are Sheree Albeck. Then Phyllis gave birth to their second daughter Julie Albeck. The third child is a boy named Gary Albeck. The youngest of the Albeck children are twins by the name of Jon and Roger Albeck.

Stan Albeck Body Measurements

At the age of 89 Stan stands tall with a height of 5 ft 10 in (1.7 m) and weighs over 63 kg (140 pounds).

Stan Albeck Cars And House

There are currently no public reports or records of Stan Albecks personal properties. He prefers to keep that information private.