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Sophia Christina Amoruso was born on the 20th of April 1984 in San Diego, California in the United States of America. She is a self-made Greek-American entrepreneur. She famous for founding the fashion retail store. ‘Nasty Gal’ on e-bay. She weighs about 58 kilograms and stands at 1.68 meters tall. She is a mixture of European ethnicities including Greek, Italian and Portuguese.

Sophia Amoruso Early Life

Sophia grew up in an Orthodox church. In her teenage years, Sophia was depressed. The doctors diagnosed her with Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). She stopped attending school and started home schooling. Her parents’ marriage was on the rocks and they eventually divorced. She began moving from job to job trying to make some extra money. She worked at the Subway and at different shops. She eventually moved to Sacramento, California.

The 36-year-old began getting into trouble often. She was involved in acts of stealing from people. The police arrested her in 2003 while she was living at Oregon on accusations of stealing. She then moved cities to San Fransisco and got back into school at a community college. She had a nomadic sort of lifestyle.

Sophia Amoruso Personal Life

In 2014, she married the love of her life, Joel Jarek DeGraff, who she met in 2002. After the two met, they started exchanging letters and mixtapes for about a decade before they started dating. They however divorced two years later. She however had to part with a 48,000-dollar support fee that she paid her ex-husband. After the divorce, she started dating Galen Pehrson who she calls her best friend Galen is a director, writer and animator.

Sophia Amoruso Career

Sophia Amoruso’s career spans out through two decades. Her career took off when she was 22 years old after she worked at the San Francisco Academy of Art University. She had made enough money to open a vintage online e-bay store, ‘Nasty Gal Vintage’, named after an album released in1975 by Betty Davis. The store closed down in 2008. She began another store, ‘Nasty Gal ’. This store’s target is women on social media platforms.

The store has made a lot of money, moving from about 223,000 dollars in 2008 to about 23 million dollars in 2011. At some point It however went bankrupt in 2015, facing several lawsuits. After stepping down from CEO of ‘Nasty Gal’, the store filed for bankruptcy protection. The reason for the bankruptcy was change in leadership, “toxic work culture” and poor communication. Boohoo group finally purchased the store in 2017 for 20 million dollars. Within the same year, Sophia founded ‘Girl Boss Media’, a company that creates content and podcasts targeting female audience.

In 2013, the Business Insider named one of the sexiest CEOs alive and Inc. Magazine named her in the 30 under 30 list. After one season, the show ended. She held Girl Boss Rallies to mentor and to award grants to young entrepreneurs over a weekend-instruction events.

She wrote an autobiography book, ‘Girl Boss’ published by a penguin imprint known as Portfolio. The book made it to a Netflix original series in 2014. She has also been in different films such as Project Runway All Stars, House of Style and Pop Culture Underground. She wrote and produced the 13-episode ‘Girl Boss’ series. She wrote another book, ‘Nasty Galaxy’ in 2016. In 2017, she wrote ‘The Girl Workbook: An Interactive Journal for Winning at Life’. She also came up with a fashion magazine, ‘Super Nasty’ that is bi-annual. She has featured photographers such as Terry Richardson on the magazine.

By the age of 30, Sophia was a measure of success on many platforms including Fortune, Vanity Fair, Forbes Magazine and Inc. Magazine. Speaking to Los Angeles Times, Sophia said, “People jump on a woman’s failures much more quickly than they do men…For men, it’s like a badge of honour to fail or to have an early start-up before your start-up takes off”. This sums up Sophia Amoruso’s objectives with mentoring millennial women and changing the narrative. She continues to build a remarkable, professional, global community of millennial women.

Sophia Amoruso Net Worth

According to Celebsmoney and NetworthStats, as of 2020, her net worth is approximately one to five million dollars. She has made most of her money from her e-bay store, Media Company and books.

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