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Sienna Miller is in a class of her own – whether upper or rather under her behavior decides. One thing is certain: the style icon follows neither a dress code nor a code of conduct with its unusual outfits. Men can afford a lot with her, but certainly not everything: Affair with the nanny? And goodbye!

In addition to style awareness and an unerring nose for the latest trends, Sienna is characterized by the fact that she knows where to set limits in her private life. After three years of a rollercoaster ride with long-term love Jude Law, she jumped out of the wagon during the ride – unbelievable for any fan of the Beaus, understandable for any woman who does not allow herself to be done with anything. It all started so romantically: getting to know each other at the location of the joint film “Alfie”, the engagement on Christmas Day. In August 2005 it was over for the first time between the two. However, neither of them had a grip on ever-emerging feelings, they became a prime example of an on-off relationship. In 2011 they had enough of each other, they finally separated.

Many years later, she explained to “Grazia” what a burden the relationship with a superstar was for her as a very young woman: “There was a kind of epidemic of bad behavior in London. You (the paparazzi, editor’s note) ambushed me every evening. (…) Sometimes I was on the verge of going nuts. “

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Is Sienna Miller Ex-Wife Or Ex-Girlfriend To Jude Law?

The newly won freedom brought not only numerous affairs for Sienna but above all a new title: Since separating from the actor, she is known less by her name and more as the “Ex of Jude Law”. Bitter for Sienna. After her career as a model, she wanted to take the chance to put a foot in the door of Hollywood – dubious aspirations, as many find. There is nothing to be shaken about her model dimensions, but her acting skills have been shaky since her jump into the big film business. After several TV roles, she made her first major appearance in the independent film “High Speed” in 2002. In the following years, she turned among other things on the side of Ex Jude Law. Many critics wish Sienna had stayed with television. Acting would have to be in her blood: she was almost born in the theater. When Mama Josephine went into labor, she was watching the “Nutcracker Suite” in New York.

Sienna Miller Career Details

On the other hand, when it comes to just looking good, Sienna Miller has the edge. For big names like “Coca Cola”, “H&M”, “Prada” or the famous “Pirelli” calendar she was already holding her face in the camera. Unusual for a model job: Sienna is just 1.65 m tall. She made up for missing centimeters with her big mouth and a good dose of independence. She learned that at a young age: shortly after her birth, the family left for London. In 1986 the parents divorced and Sienna went to boarding school. Mama Josephine, an art fanatic, introduced her daughter to the world of oil and paint. It’s like breast milk to me.” She has not forgotten the memories of her childhood in London. Although she lives in New York today, she feels like an islander: “I’m English, definitely. I don’t feel American in any way.”

Sienna Miller Dating History And Marriage Details

After the turbulent relationship with Jude Law and some short-term affairs, she seemed to have found her personal happiness in 2011 in actor Tom Sturridge. They got engaged and had their first child together, daughter Marlowe, in July 2012. It could finally have settled in her love life, but this relationship also broke up. In 2015, the two announced the termination of their engagement.

In 2016 there was a new man at Sienna Miller’s side. She caught Oscar-nominated director Bennett Miller. The good guy is not a stranger: He was previously in a relationship with Ashley Olsen. Sienna and Bennett, who, funnily enough, have the same surname, were first spotted together at a Met Gala after-party, then they flirted at a tennis match at the US Open.

In 2019, after only one year of a relationship, she was engaged for some time to the art dealer Lucas Zwirner. But that didn’t turn out to be a lasting love affair either.

Sienna Miller Films

The most famous films and series with Sienna Miller

  • 2003–2004: Keen Eddie (TV series)
  • 2004: Layer Cake
  • 2004: Alfie
  • 2005: Casanova
  • 2006: Factory Girl
  • 2008: a fateful summer
  • 2008: The Edge of Love
  • 2009: GI Joe – Cobra secret mission
  • 2009, 2011: Top Gear (TV series)
  • 2014: Foxcatcher
  • 2014: American Sniper
  • 2015: Big Business – nothing except expenses
  • 2015: In the intoxication of the stars
  • 2016: The sunken city Z
  • 2016: Live by Night

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