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Shawn Kemp Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Shawn Kemp became the fifth player to go directly to the NBA from high school by 1989. He was an exceptional upcoming player by then and many were seeing Michael Jordan in him.

His natural strength, speed, and jumping as well as an expression after an impressive move bear striking resemblance to the worlds greatest, and even Michael Jordan himself would admit that.

However, he never lived to the expectations and you may be interested in knowing what happened to the former Seattle Supersonics star, his wife, kids, Net worth, and his life now. Read on to find out.

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Shawn Kemp Parents, Siblings And Early Life

Shawn Kemp’s life was filled with turbulence from childhood. When he was still as young as a kindergarten kid, his parents divorced. For that reason, he grew up in Elkhart, Indiana under the care of his mother.

Shawn Kemp Career Development

He started playing basketball on the street along with his friends. Being so skilled, it never took him long to be included in the school team. He won the school several trophies and at one point, was named among the top 5 best basketball players in his school days.

His progress earned him a lot of support right from home to school. His sister Lisa was also a talented basketball player and would constantly motivate him to work harder. NBA scouts started attending his game while still in Concord high school.

Kemp later left Concord high school to go to Kentucky. However, he never featured for the school team because he didn’t reach the minimum score on his SAT Test.

Shawn Kemp Kids

It was reported to Cavs in 1999 that Kemp had fathered seven kids from six different women, something that the club never took lightly. The elder son is a basketball player too, while information on the whereabouts of other kids are not revealed yet.

Shawn Kemp Career Details

He applied to the NBA Draft in 1989 when he was just 19 thanks to the support from his high school coach. Seatle Supersonic selected him as the 17th. He really impressed as a young forward player and was immediately considered suited for the NBA. His exceptional performance made Sonic trade their star Xavier McDaniel and gave Shawn the position of starting power forward.

His hard work rewarded him in the 1992-1993 season when he was named all-star for the first time. He managed to average almost 18 points and 11 rebounds in every game and this is when the Micheal Jordan comparison sparkled.

The following year after being named an all-star, his team lost to Denver Nugget and he was nearly traded to Chicago Bulls. On learning that they were planning to trade him, his love for the team started to fade off.

However, it didn’t take long before he was again blamed for another loss in the final against Chicago. According to a report, the team management accused him of being late and having a problem with alcohol.

Luckily, he landed a 7 years deal ($107 million) to move to Cleveland Cavalier. In his second season with the Cavs, he managed to accumulate a career-high average of 20.5 points per game.

In 1999, the bad reports started hitting Kemp again. Some of the speculations included weight gain and the worst was his drug abuse. Another issue was about his family, the fact that he had fathered 7 kids from 6 different women raised some eyebrows.

After moving to the Portland Trailblazers in 2000, the issues of drug use really interfered with his game. He had to check into a drug rehabilitation program for cocaine abuse and less than a year later, he was suspended for five games for not complying with his aftercare agreement.

After realizing his time in the NBA was long gone, the 6 time NBA all-star and 3 times All-NBA Second Team members signed a contract with Premiata Montegranaro, an Italian team in 2008, at the age of 39. However, he never played in Italy for more than a season before he decided to retire.

Shawn Kemp Net Worth

Shawn Kemp’s net worth was $5 during his NBA time and according to Celebrity net worth, he used to earn around $ 90 million during this time. However, this value drastically dropped following his arrest that resulted in several court cases. Right now we don’t have clear information on his wealth but once that is out, we will update.