Sandi Graham Bio, Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth, Married, Ethnicity, Nationality, Son Drake

There’s no denying that Drake is almost a very well-known Canadian rapper in today’s world and has been for quite a while as well. Everyone might be aware of the success Drake has achieved and enjoyed, but very few people know about Sandi Graham.

The main reason behind the success of Drake will always be the helping hand of his mother, who is known by her current real name as Sandi Graham. Before her son was popular among the musicians of the world, she worked as a florist and also a teacher as well. Drake was raised by her single mother. The duo of mom and son has always been very close to each other. She has been featured in many of Drake’s music videos including the 2017 album of Drake known as ‘More Life’s song can’t Have Everything’.

Sandi Graham Husband

Sandi Graham was once a married woman, as she was happily married to Drake’s father, known as Dennis Graham. Sandi’s husband was a drummer and also a musician, working for a band in the USA. Both Dennis and Sandi had met each other at a nightclub, where Dennis was attracted to Sandi’s beauty and charms.

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Slowly over the years, the meet-ups and talks increased and thus turned into a beautiful relationship between them. But, after that time, things didn’t go so well between them at all. After they married, they had welcomed their first son, known as Graham Drake.

When Drake was just five years old, his parents parted their ways and therefore go divorced. In the year 1991, the divorce between them was approved. It was indeed a very hard time for Sandi to raise his child, but she took up the challenge and therefore started to be a single mother. After the divorce, Sandi had moved to Canada, while Dennis still stayed in the USA. As of the current date, Dennis Graham has been charged under drug case abuse, while Sandi is living happily with his son.

Sandi Graham Net Worth

Sandi Graham’s personal profile has been pretty secretive and therefore no such personal information is currently available on her salary and net worth. But, his son, Drake, is currently worth almost $150 million, which is pretty fortunate for her.

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Sandi Graham Ethnicity 

Sandi Graham has Jewish ethnicity and she has given birth to only one child during her lifetime, which is known by the name of Aubrey Graham Drake.

Sandi Graham Career Details

It’s always a great honor to be known by the success of your child because it speaks about the way a parent raises her child. And Sandi Graham was no different than that. Drake was forever raised by her single mother, which will easily tell us about the hardships that she had to go through while raising her child.

Sandi went to the prestigious Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, which greatly states about a good source of income for her as well. It was revealed by various sources that she spent her life mostly as a teacher, who generally dwelled on teaching his students and thus had a passion for the same as well.
Due to the disciplined approach of Sandi because of education, it helped her to nurture Drake in the best possible manner.

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Sandi Graham Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life, Nationality

Sandi Graham was born in the year 1960, on January 28th. Her parents were known as Evelyn Sher and Reuben Sher. Sandi is currently 59 years old. The family of Sandi had owned a factory. She had a brother of her own, who had already passed away in the year 2011. The mother of Sandi had passed away in the year 2012.

Sandi belongs to the Canadian nationality and has always been a white-woman as well. Since she was born in Canada she spent most of her childhood inside that country only. She experienced a very ordinary childhood and all her basic needs were fulfilled by her parents.

Quick Facts About Sandi Graham

Name – Sandi Graham
Birth Date – 28th January 1960
Birthplace – Canada
Age – 59 years
Parents – Evelyn Sher and Reuben Sher
Siblings – 1 Brother
Career – Teacher and later as a Florist
Net Worth – Not available
Salary – Not available
Husband – Dennis Graham
Children – Aubrey Drake Graham

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