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Sam Rybka Age, Bio, Career, Net Worth, Dating, Boyfriend Zac Spencer, Twin Sister Teagan Rybka

Samantha Rybka was born of Caucasian descent on June 22, 1995 in Perth, Australia. The twins were youngest of five children in their family, with three elder brothers. Sam started her training in acrobatics at the age of three with her sister. In the beginning, her legs and back were not flexible naturally. The sisters worked under their mother’s supervision to improve upon their flexibility and learn techniques such that they could become professional acrobats. Sam also began her formal dance training at ‘Debra McCulloch Dance Academy’.

Sam Rybka Career Details

At the beginning Sam carried out dance as her hobby. Then she began to take part in dance competitions and developed her passion towards the art. Among the dance forms she learn are jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical and hip-hop. They also learnt singing. Their jointly owned channel was launched in 2012 and it was dedicated to acrobatics and dance. Gradually they introduced gymnastics, fashion and fun challenges. They have an ‘Instagram’ profile which portrays a collection of pictures from different acrobatic, dance and gymnastic events. Their profile has gained above 555000 followers. Sam’s individual profile on Instagram with personal photos of her friends and family wins more than 543000 followers. The Rybka sisters were connected with a New York based talent agency named ‘Cunningham Escott Slevin & Doherty’. The agent Lakey Wolff guided them in building careers of talented people. Now the Rybka twins also plans to begin their clothing line.

Sam Rybka Net Worth And Age

Sam’s net worth stands at $74 million at the age of 24 years. Sam Rybka or Samantha Rybka is one of the twin sisters who perform as Australian acrobat and dancer. She along with her sister is a YouTube acro sensation. Sam Rybka got celebrity status after taking part in the seventh season of ‘Australia’s Got Talent’. She and her twin sister Teagan Rybka provide training sessions across Australia and the US. They are featured in YouTube channel ‘Squared’. This is owned by the twin sisters Brooklyn and Bailey who are also social media stars. The two sisters also run a YouTube channel named ‘The Rybka Twins’ with above three million subscribers. They are extremely flexible and flawless in their performances which are also well synchronized. These qualities have helped them acquire international recognition and fame.

Sam Rybka Boyfriend. Is She Dating?

Sam went to Edith Cowan University in Australia to earn her degree in drama and dance. She has been dating her boyfriend Zac Spencer, fitness personality since 2017. However she introduced him to her fans on May 29, 2018 on Facebook. Zac eventually appeared in Sam’s channel for first time in 2018.

Sam Rybka Lifestyle

Sam follows a healthy diet to meet the demands of her profession. Her profession requires maintaining a flexible body with extreme fitness. Her diet includes a lot of nuts, grains, fruits, vegetables and milk. She likes swimming and spending time on the beach. Alongside, boating, cycling, horse riding and canoeing are some of her hobby activities. Her favorite place of visit is Paris and she likes to wear artificial fur. Her favorite movie list includes ‘Suddenly Thirty’, ‘Matilda’, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “The Parent Trap”.

In the book ‘Twinning it’ which is yet to be published, Sam Rybka co-authored with her sister, is sharing their story about career growth and balancing personal lives till date.

Quick Facts About Sam Rybka

Name: Sam Rybka
Birthday: 22 June, 1995
Birth place: Perth, Australia
Net worth: 74 million dollars
Age: 24 years
Boyfriend: Zac Spencer