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Ruby Tandoh Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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Ruby Tandoh is an American-born baker, author, blogger, and former model. She was born on July 4th, 1992, in Essex, England. Both of her parents were of British descent. However, Ruby is linked with having African roots since her paternal grandfather was of a Ghanaian (West Africa) descent hence the name ‘Tandoh.

Ruby Tandoh Zodiac, Parents And Siblings

Her zodiac sign is cancer. Her mother was a school administrator while her father worked with Royal mail services. More so, without substantial reports, it is claimed that Ruby had three siblings, two younger brothers Noah (2005), Rosa (2003) and a younger sister Curtis (1999). She went to University College in London, where she majored in History and Theory.

Ruby Tandoh Career Details

As a teenager, Tandoh began her modelling career while pursuing her college education. She also had a passion for baking, which saw her in 2013 participate in a reality TV show, the Greatest British Bake-off competition. Ruby ended up in the runners-up position since, at that time, rumours emerged that she was in a secret relationship with one of the competition’s judges, Paul Hollywood.

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The show has served as a stepping stone for great names such as James Morton. Ruby has worked with TV stations such as BBC and ITV. With her name getting popular, Ruby managed to get the role of a food recipe columnist with the Guardian magazine. But later in 2018, she quitted the job citing toxic food habits. Ruby being a magnificent writer, has managed to write a number of books on baking. She published ‘Baking Book’ (2014), Flavor: Eat what you love, eat up food (2016) and Appetite and Eating what you want (2018).

Ruby Tandoh Dating History And Marriage Details

Earlier in 2013, Tandoh denied claims that she was in a relationship with Paul Hollywood, one of the judges in the Greatest British bake-off show. The claims emerged amidst claims that Tandoh was flirting with the judge in order for her to advance in the baking competition. To many fans and audiences of the Greatest British Bake-off show, the interaction of Ruby and judge Paul Hollywood seemed to be revealed, and it ended up stirring up ideas about the relation.
Ruby termed the allegations to be misogynistic in nature and were aimed at tarnishing her name.

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After the allegation had settled, Tandoh decided to come out in the public limelight to state her sexuality. In 2015 while using her Twitter account, Tandoh public declared herself to be a member of the LGBTQ group. Ruby said that she is bisexual and has a sexual preference or orientation for both men and women. Tandoh comes out to be proud of her sexuality, which it’s her basic fundamental right.

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Tandoh revealed that she was in a long-term relationship with her girlfriend, Leah Pritchard. The two had met earlier via the famous dating site Tinder. At that time, Leah was working for a charitable organization majoring in mental-related issues and awareness campaigns. While in courtship, the two lovebird’s magazine publication titled ‘Do what you want’ aimed to raise awareness on an individual’s mental health status.

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After three years of public declaration of their relationship, Ruby and Leah shared their marriage vows in Sheffield, Yorkshire. During their wedding, Leah downed on a Blue suit, colourful shirt and dark brogue shoes. At the same time, Ruby wore a cream dress with sandals and had a bouquet. Leah is a member of the Alimony band and the band’s guitarist.

Ruby Tandoh Net Worth

Based on her career as a Columnist, Chef, Former model and author, it’s without a doubt that Ruby earns quite a good amount of money. She is equated with being roughly around $1million to $ 5 million worthy. Her net worth is expected to increase in the years to come.

Her asset and property worth is estimated to be around $100k-$1million.Ruby has managed to lure and rope in several followers on different social media platforms with her endowed culinary arts. On Twitter, she has a total number of 118.8k followers, while on Instagram, she has an adherent of 82.9k.