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Roshni Devlukia Shetty Is The Wife Of Jay Shetty. How Did They Meet?

The beautiful, Roshni Devlukia Shetty was born on 30th July 1990 in London U.K. She is a dietician at Watford General Hospital, England. She is the wife of famous internet personality Jay Shetty. She is used to post pictures on Instagram with people in her family like Grandma, Dad, her mother and her sister. Her elder sister’s name is Deepa Devlukia.

Roshni Devlukia Shetty Is Married To

Jay shetty calls her wife with naughty nickname “Radhi” and therefore many people know her as “Radhi Devlukia Shetty”, which is legit, no problem in that! Well, the underaged Radhi had healthy and chubby looks. This made certain people to comment and laugh on her looks. So, she used yoga as a weapon, and now she’s an extremely beautiful slim lady. Her eyes are deep and possess a Moss Green colour which makes people melt before her. With fair skin and glossy red cheeks, she looks so beautiful. Jay is a lucky man. Well, he deserves her according to his looks too. He is a handsome and most importantly successful young man and they have a pure bond of love. Jay is awarded with many awards and is currently runs a podcast where he talks with different people about health and wellness as well as their life story. He also travels various places like Giant companies and various universities to spread his learning and wisdom among thousands of people.

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How They Both Met

When they were in graduation, they knew each there slightly. Jay had known Radhi’s mother before Radhi. Her mother introduced Jay to her. Jay used to share his knowledge in various places. Radhi’s family was already inclined towards spiritualism. She already liked him due to his wisdom and had seen all the qualities she wanted as her husband. Jay also liked her but he mostly focused on spiritualism. He believed that he can influence many and change their pressure into something useful and productive. After Jay had left being a monk, he had no money. He applied in various companies but it was weird for everyone to choose a guy who had “Former Monk” written on the resume. But, he said that his own parents and Radhi’s parents too supported him. They believed he will do something in the life. After 7 months after coming from India, they married in April,2016. It was low-key marriage, and with just family people. Some say “Jay found someone with more beautiful eyes than him.” They are like couple goals. They match with looks as well as mind. Radhi told that many people ask them that if Radhi and Jay are brother/sister.

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Facts About Radhi

  • She belongs from a Vegan family.
  • She has interest in Ayurveda
  • She likes to cook food and create new recipes.
  • Her spiritual mentor is Radhanath Swami
  • She is an animal lover.
  • She loves travelling.
  • Her motive is same as Jay Shetty i.e to spread positivity among all.
  • She loves her grandmother and she believes her as her rolemodel.

Recently she launched a Women bag which is made from petroleum material. As a vegan, she do not support killing of animals in any way and use their skin to get materialistic things.

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Roshni Devlukia Shetty Net Worth

Her husband, Jay’s net worth is around $2.5 million USD according to his assets and income. As of 2019, The net worth of Radhi is still unknown.