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Roger Cook Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Family, Health Issues

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Roger Cook is a television artist who appears in the famous PBS Home Renovation program. He has been presented as the garden and landscape contractor in the Daytime Emmy Award winning series This Old House. Here he delivers the innovative ideas for successful landscaping. Cook is associated with This Old House all the way since 1982. However he is providing lifetime courses on gardening at home for more than 35 years.

Roger Cook stays at Burlington in Massachusetts along with two children and owns his cottage on Cape Cod. His wife Kathleen Cook expired at the age of 56 in 2010 suffering from cancer. However, a huge success as a television star, Cook recently decided to reduce his TV appearance due to degrading health.

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Roger Cook Career Details

Roger Cook acquired his degree of Bachelor of Science in wildlife management and conservation law from the University of Maine. It was in the year 1977. During his initial days of television he was already working as the landscape supervisor for the Frost and Higgins Company. For several years his company job and This Old House hosting went hand in hand. Hectic work schedule never appeared a hindrance on his way to deliver expert ideas. A couple of the most important projects of This Old House was Bigelow Project and the Woburn House. The Bigelow House project is basically about the historic Bigelow House of Dr. Henry Jacob built in 1887. The residence made it into the PBS during Cook’s appearance. Woburn House was a ranch-style tract house of 190s. Cook executed the renovation of this old house with his magic touch.

It was 1988 when Thomas Wirth, a recognized landscape architect assigned Roger Cook for the Lexington Bed and Breakfast Renovation. This project was the turning point in Cook’s career. He was appointed as a full-time landscape contractor.

Based on Massachusetts, Roger Cook is a significant associate at the Massachusetts Arborist Association. He served as president of board of directors of New England Grows and the Association of Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts.

Presently he is a member of the editorial team of This Old House magazine. He had remarkable contribution to the book called, ‘Complete Landscaping’. The book was published by This Old House Books in collaborations with Sunset Books, in 2004. Besides, he runs K and R Tree and Landscape Co, Inc. which was established in 1982, along with his wife.

Roger Cook Net Worth

Roger Cook had brunched into his profound career as soon as he graduated from University of Maine. During these glorious working days he earned enough in terms of money and respect. His net worth as recorded in 2018 is $11 million approximately.

Roger Cook Personal Life

Roger Cook is an America based landscape and garden contractor. He started off in 1982, by first appearing at the PBS TV series, This Old House. However, he appeared in associate series Ask This Old House and Inside This Old House. Little information is available regarding Cook’s personal life. However, his wife Kathleen Cook passed away in 2010 at the age of 56. It is reported that she died of stomach cancer. Keeping in closet and away from limelight of media, Cook shares only his gardening ideas at his social media profiles. At present he is a resident of Burlington, Massachusetts along with his two children. In his leisure hours he prefers living in Cape Cod and enjoys fishing in saltwater.

Why Does Roger Cook Appear Less On Television?

Roger Cook has reduced and limited his appearance on This Old House from last year. He seemed unhealthy and suffering from some serious health issues. Never the less he has been hiding his health problems from his fans. Speculations have steamed up around him, saying this is because of his age as he is in his 60s. In June 2018, Cook finally spoke out. He published an open letter to his fans on the official website of This Old House addressing his health issues. He however assured that he’s dealing with some unknown health problems and wished to spend more time with family. He also thanked his fans for their continuous love and support in that letter. But no proper information is yet confirmed from close sources.

Quick Facts About Roger Cook

Name – Roger Cook
Age – not disclosed
Nationality – American
Career – landscape and garden contractor, television artist
Wife – Kathleen Cook
Children – 2
Net worth – $11 million