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Robert Shafran Career, Bio, Age, Siblings, Early Life

The story behind Robert Shafran’s rise to fame is a reality stranger than fiction. Shafran is one the famous triplets whose lives were portrayed in the award-winning 2018 documentary film ‘Three Identical Strangers’. The documentary tells the real-life story of Robert Shafran and his identical siblings who were separated at the age of six months and reunited later in life.

Following the release of the film, Shafran and his brothers achieved immense popularity and stardom. This stardom was however, short-lived and faded out following a family tragedy which pulled the siblings apart.

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Robert Shafran Career

Following the failure of his restaurant, Robert went on to study law. At present, he is a full-time, practicing lawyer in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Eddy works as an independent general agent handling Medicare, life insurance and annuities.

Robert is happily married to spouse Ilene, with whom he has two kids – daughter Elyssa and son Brandon. Over the years, he has also developed a bond with Eddy’s wife and daughter.

Robert Shafran Bio: Age, Twin Siblings, Early Life

Robert Shafran and his identical siblings Eddy Galland and David Kellman were born on 12th July 1961. The triplets, born in Long Island, New York, were separated at the tender age of six months as part of a behavioral study, and placed in different foster homes by the adoption agency Louise Wise Services.

Robert was the most privileged of the trio and grew up amidst the comforts of an upper-middle class life. His adoptive father was a doctor while his mother was a homemaker. His brothers David and Eddy were placed with lower and middle class families respectively. Living within a hundred mile radius, Robert never came across his brothers during the first 18 years of his life.

In 1980, 18-year old Robert Shafran began his college education at the Sullivan community college. People kept mistaking him for his brother Eddy on his first day, which made Robert suspicious.

Destiny brought the brothers together, and the meeting made it to newspaper headlines. David Kellman, the missing brother, soon identified his photo on the newspaper and reached out to his siblings. The story of the reunited triplets caught on like wildfire, shooting the siblings to overnight fame. The famous triplets were soon making television appearances and were even seen in the 1985 film ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’.
Robert and his brothers decided to capitalize on their rising stardom by opening a restaurant in Soho in 1988, called the ‘Triplets Roumanian Steakhouse’. The success of this venture was short-lived. Robert left the business a year later and the restaurant was shut down in 1990.

In 1995, tragedy hit the family when Eddy committed suicide at his home in New Jersey, following years of struggle against bi-polar disorder. The unfortunate circumstances created a divide between Robert and David. The brothers returned to friendly terms years later during the filming of ‘Three Identical Strangers’.