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Robert Kraft Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Robert Kraft is an American Household name when it comes to American Football he owns the New England Patriots a famous team that has won various titles and is supported by many across the USA.

Robert Kraft Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

His full name is Robert Kenneth Kraft and was born on June 5th, 1941 making him 80 years of age in 2021. He was born in Brooklin, Massacheuttests where he lived with his father, Harry Kraft, and mother Sarah Bryne. His family was Modern Orthodox Jewish and held firmly to their faith. His father even wanted him to be a rabbi when he grew up.

Robert Kraft Education And Religion Details

He Schooled at Edward Devotion School but later he went on to join Brooklin high school. Both of these schools are in Brookline, his hometown. Due to the family’s strong grasp on religion, he was not able to go to sports events as he would usually go to Hebrew studies after a day in school, the weekends were also booked as his family used to observe the Jewish Sabbath.

He was very entrepreneurial from the onset as he used to sell newspapers outside the old brave stadium, the experience he got would help him run his father’s business later on in his life. After high school, he went to Columbia University where he got into sports and used to play as the running back in the team and honed his abilities from then on. He acquired his Bachelors’s Degree while studying at Columbia and later on did an MBA at the prestigious Havard University.

Robert Kraft Career Details

His father-in-law, Jacob Hiatt, had a paper packaging and manufacturing company called Rand-Whitney. This is where he went on to work after finishing university. In due time he accumulated enough money to buy off half of the company in 1968 and subsequently took over the whole company in 1972. He used the money he got from the company to start another in the same year with the name International Forests products that dealt with wood and production of paper on a large scale. He showed off his brilliant business acumen as he went on to form the Kraft group in 1988 a conglomerate that would encompass all his companies into one “money pumping machine”

He then drifted into the world of sports by acquiring the Boston Lobsters a tennis team that was however disbanded in 1978 after the World Team Tennis ended. In 1985 he was able to lease a large tract of land in Foxborough Massachusetts. This land coincidentally encompassed the Sullivan Stadium which is the home ground of the New England Patriots. With the help of a partner, he was able to acquire the whole team for $172 Million, way back in 1994, it would prove to be a worthy endeavor as of now 2021, his club is estimated to be at a worth of $4.4 Billion. The team has amassed several accolades the most notable being six Super Bowl Wins, an impressive record.

He has also dipped into other sports ventures including Major League Soccer (MLS), where he owns the New England Revolution and also martial arts. He also started an E-sports team in Boston in 2017.

Robert Kraft Dating History And Marriage Details

He was betrothed to Myra Nathalie Hiatt in June 1963 and had four children, she passed away in 2011. He jumped back into the dating scene in 2012 engaging in a relationship with Ricki Noel Lander who was 39 years old younger. The two got a child in 2017 however Kraft refuted allegations that he was the father of the newborn, subsequently leading to their breakup in 2018. He is now in a loving relationship with doctor Dana Blumberg.

In 2019 Mr. Kraft along with other individuals were charged with impetrate to commit prostitution of which was he denied having any involvement. The charges were eventually dropped.

Due to the massive success of his Empire, the Kraft Group, Mr. Kraft has been able to amass a sizeable amount of wealth.

Robert Kraft Net Worth

He is in what we call The Billionaire Group, as of the year 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $8.3 Billion. With his wealth, he has been charitable as he has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to worthy causes like education and healthcare.