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Rob France Age, Height, Tan France, Net Worth and Husband Tan France

Rob France is a freelance illustrator who became quite popular through the hit Netflix series Queer Eyes. He is a devoted worker who puts his heart and soul into his work. According to him, his illustrations are representations of his emotions.

In Queer Eyes, Rob became one of the members of Fab Five. This is a team of gay professionals working in the fashion world. Bob’s popularity is mostly attributed to this character.

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Married To Tran France And Their Wedding

Rob is married to a man named Tan France for more than a decade now. He met Tan in 2008 through a dating site. They got married in 2013 and have been a lovely gay couple ever since. Tan’s original name was Tanweer Wasin Safdar. He even changed his name for Rob and adopted his surname.

Both Rob and Tan worked together in Queen Eyes since 2018. Before taking up this job, Tan was very skeptical about it. He was worried about his position as a gay Muslim. He was concerned about how he would be representing the community.

However, Rob gave Tan all the motivation he needed and Tan decided to become one of the Fab Five at Queer Eyes. Tan celebrates his birthday on 20th April. The fans of Queer Eyes are indebted to Rob for backing up Tan. He also helped Tan with an identity issue.

Tan was always scared of speaking publicly about his sexuality. Once in an interview, he revealed how he used to avoid going to certain places because he was gay. Whenever he had to go to China, he used to lie to about his marriage.

Rob’s continuous support and the confidence he received from the show helped Tan to overcome his fears. Tan believes that the show gives a platform to talk openly about sexuality.

With the mutual support they receive from each other, they seem to be ready for parenthood. They are planning for their own family and are planning to get children via surrogacy. When asked how many children they would like to have, Tan’s answer was that six should be enough.

Rob France Net Worth And Career

Tan used to be a pediatric nurse. He also used to produce works of illustration whenever he got some time. Then he started working in Queer Eyes alongside his husband, who’s a fashion superstar.

Rob earns quite a lot by selling his illustration work. Each of his illustrations fetches anywhere between $500 and $1000. While continuing his passion as an illustrator, Rob is also getting ready to be a part of the fourth season of Queer Eyes.

On the other hand, his husband Tan is a very popular name in the world of fashion. Tan has acquired great wealth as a fashion designer and reality TV star. Rob and Tan together have a total net worth of $3 million.

Quick Facts About Rob France

Gender Male
Spouse Tan France 2007-Present
Address Salt Lake City
Country United States
Nationality American
Job Pediatric Nurse, Illustrator
Instagram Followers 26.8K
Birth Place Wyoming