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Riz Khan Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Rizwan Khan, recognized professionally as Riz Khan, is a widely known person all over the world. He is best noted for his potent influence as the first South Asian international broadcast journalist who became a founding member of two of the very well known international TV news channels, BBC World and CNN International. Riz goes deep into the journalism and broadcasting industry. A man who chased perfection and achieved excellence simultaneously.

Riz Khan Career Details

Riz Khan’s career as a journalist took off back in 1987 when he was selected for the two-year BBC News Trainee program that usually comprises only six people per course. Riz became BBC’s very first South Asian mainstream news anchor when he began working there as an Anchor and a Reporter. In November of 1991, Riz launched the BBC World Service Television News and co-hosted the network’s very first news bulletin show. In 1993, Riz became a Senior Anchor for CNN’s global news shows. He has done over 1,500 broadcast interviews at the network that included more world leaders than any other global news show at the time. In 1996, Riz launched Q&A with Riz Khan on CNN, the show that gave the viewers around the world the chance to interact directly with world leaders, business icons, film, and music celebrities and newsmakers, all through phone calls or e-mails along with questions and comments.

Riz moved to Al Jazeera in 2005 and became a founding director of the recently acclaimed global network Al Jazeera English. From 2006 to April 2011, Riz hosted the “Riz Khan’s One on One” show.

Riz Khan Net Worth

Riz Khan is said to have a net worth of $3 Million. He has been successful in covering some of the very momentous stories in the Middle East and South Asia, including the 1999 Pakistan military coup, the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the award-winning, international live coverage of the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca.

Riz Khan Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality

Born in the April of 1962 in a British colony of Aden, South Yemen. Riz was brought up by a Pakistani Punjabi father, who was originally from Amritsar, migrated to Pakistan during the partition, and an Indian Gujarati mother from Kathiawar. Riz moved to London when he was four with his parents and brother, Kamran Ahmed, in order to escape the civil war that resulted in South Yemen as the country split.

Riz Khan Education Details

Riz attended the Springwell Junior School first and then the Hounslow Manor Comprehensive Schools. He graduated from the University of Wales in Cardiff and conferred a Bachelor of Science degree of honors in medical physiology, Riz wanted to become a doctor since he was a six year old kid, but he could not afford to continue his post-graduate studies. For guidance, he went to a careers office and started considering journalism when the counselor suggested it while complimenting his proficiency in English. As luck would have it, the Highbury College near Portsmouth was starting a radio journalism course at that time. Riz was asked to submit a 200-word essay on why he would make a good radio journalist and record it. That is how he switched to radio journalism for his post-graduate studies.

Riz Khan Books

Riz is praised for his abundance of knowledge and experience, wherewith he made it big as an author as well. In 2005, Riz released his first book, a biography of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s richest men and also a major individual foreign investor in the USA. The book, “Businessman, Billionaire, Prince”, gained prominence as a long-running bestseller in the Middle East and was translated into more than half-a-dozen languages. In addition to this, later in 2012, Riz self-published an e-book on Amazon, “We Interrupt Our Programming…”, a comical fiction novel based on the international television news industry.

Riz has a firm grip on several languages. He fluently speaks Urdu, Hindi, and Arabic as first languages and also understands Punjabi and Kutchi. Riz has studied French and is able to understand some European languages as well, including Swedish and Norwegian.

Riz Khan As A Music Enthusiast

Riz has a knack for music as well. He taught himself the drums when he was younger and could not afford piano lessons. He has also had the experience of playing the drums at a Michael Jackson refugee concert in Munich in 2000 with A.R. Rahman.

International news broadcaster, author and musician, Riz khan is a living example that we can achieve anything we set our mind to and can enjoy the diversity of life in that respect as well.