Rising Basketball Player LaMelo Ball Bio, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

In today’s age of social media, young and upcoming athletes can easily post clips of their skills and tricks and be seen by millions across the world. Yet many of these never make it in the big leagues because as any coach in any game would say, there is more to the game than fancy tricks and flicks. Unless of course, you have the passion and drive to match your skill.

As early as freshman year in high school, basketball nerds across America had already started seeing videos of a young LaMelo Ball. Then part of the team that went on to win the California State championship alongside his brothers LiAngelo and New Orleans’ Pelicans Point guard Lonzo Ball.

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LaMelo Ball Family Details With Parents And Siblings

Having an older brother in the NBA meant that LaMelo would have to be quite extraordinary to make a name for himself and the young Charlotte Hornets star looks well on course to being an NBA legend. Recently, he became the youngest ever player in the history of the NBA to record a triple-double when he did so against the Atlanta Hawks.

Given his family history, it is no surprise that LaMelo Ball seems destined for greatness. He was the third NBA Draft pick in 2020 and already looks like a very good investment for the Hornets.

Born in 2001 at Chino Hills in California, the young point guard first started garnering media attention when he averaged 26 points a game as a high school student. In February 2017, he made 92 points in a single game earning him coverage from ESPN, CBS Sports and other sports channels.

His father LaVar Ball was his first coach and formed a team that included his 3 sons. This team, the Ballers, was LaMelo’s first team, he would go on to play for several amateur teams before going overseas to sharpen his metal.

LaMelo Ball Career Details

LaMelo’s career path is a pretty unusual one. After high school, he played in the Junior Basketball Association- a league that was meant to be a bridge of sorts for players who could or would not play in the NCAA but was sadly closed down in 2018 after only one season.

From there, LaMelo went to Lithuania. At just 16 years old, LaMelo found it difficult to keep up with already seasoned professionals and later moved to Australia where he played in the National Basketball League for the Hawks. It is during his time in the land down under that LaMelo’s stocks rose astronomically.

Already quite famous at his age, the Australian league gave him a chance to showcase his talent in a way that he probably would not if he had taken a different career path. When the Hornets drafted him, he became the highest American born draft who had chosen to go overseas rather than play in the NCAA. While college basketball is still the most followed path to the NBA, LaMelo’s journey proves that not everyone has to follow it.

LaMelo Ball Net Worth

At just 19 years of age, LaMelo already has a net worth of ten million dollars having signed a 2-year contract with the Charlotte Hornets worth about $16 million in 2020. He also signed a long-term contract with Puma reportedly worth up to $100 million. He was the only rookie in the NBA’s draft class of 2020 to clock a shoe deal.

LaMelo Ball Marriage Details With Wife And Children

It is currently unknown if LaMelo is dating anyone although multiple reports indicate that he is seeing Instagram model Nikita. He was previously dating another Instagram model Ashley Alvano who seems to have moved on to another NBA star, Washington Wizards’, Rui Hachimura.

LaMelo Ball Body Measurements

The 6-foot 8 Point guard has drawn comparisons to Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry for his advanced ball-handling, passing and shooting skills. High praise indeed, but if LaMelo can keep doing what he has been doing for most of his young career then there is no reason why he cannot scale similar heights.

Just 1 year into his professional career LaMelo Ball has his whole career ahead of him and the world of basketball has taken note of his immense potential. With his father LaVar Ball guiding him, LaMelo will do whatever it takes even if it means taking the road less travelled.

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