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Rhys Darby Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

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He is a New Zealand-born actor and a writer born on March 21st, 1974, in the city of Auckland, mostly known for his roles in “Yes Man” (2008), “Flight of the Concords” (2007), and “Guns Akimbo” (2019). He grew up in the northern side of New Zealand, a place called Pakuranga. He measures 5 feet 9 inches in height and weighs approximately 83kgs.

Rhys Darby Education Details

He went to Edgewater College and later joined the New Zealand Army as a Morse code signaler. Dardy later left the army in 1994 and attended and graduated from the University of Canterbury.

He started his comedy by forming a comedy duo with Rhsently and Grant, where they started performing at local venues.


Rhys Darby Family Details

Rhy Dardy has been married to Rosie Carnahan-Darby from 2004 to date. They have two sons, namely Theo and Finn Darby. Rosie is also an actress and writer, best known for “Short Poppies.”

Rhys Darby Career Details

Dardy started his solo acting career in Auckland after his duo Rhsently moved to international festivals. After parting, ways with Rhsently, Dardy went to the United Kingdom for his first solo show at the 2002 Edinburgh festival.

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In 2004 he joined Rod Brydon, Andy Parsons, and jimmy Carr in a BBC radio show Frights of Concord, where he played the role of band’s manager Brian Nesbit. Darby featured as Murray in the TV show. Darby performed alongside Andrew Dorst in “A Good Opportunity,” featuring “Rejected,” singing the first and the last verse.

Darby has featured in the British children’s show “Slammer” in its first season. He has also appeared in different high-profile advertisements like Nike featuring Roger Federer, where he took the role as an imposter coach. He was also featured in the New Zealand 2degrees phone company advertisement, which received a huge following.

Together with his wife Rosie Carnahan-Darby, he owns a producing company called Awesomeness International situated in New Zealand. They have produced shows for local comedians, especially at the New Zealand comedy festivals. Darby is a climate change ambassador for Greenpeace and has helped in the climate campaigns.

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In 2009 Darby performed at the Edinburg Festival Fringe as a standup comedian. He also performed at Bloomsbury theatre Landon from 27th to August 1st, 2009. Later that year, Darby took a role in the New Zealand TV One series “Intrepid Journeys.” In 2010 there were rumors that he was moving to America to participate in a television show, “The Office”; however, this did not materialize.

Darby also appeared in the Richard Curtis movie “The Boat that Rocked” as Angus was released in the United Kingdom in April 2009. the same movie was released as “pirate radio” in other countries.

2011 was a busy year for Darby because he first featured in the “Film the fun police “film, which premiered in September 2011. Darby later shifted his family to America for him to take part in the CBS sitcom shows “How to Be a Gentleman.” In December of the same year, he had to go back to New Zealand to release his second DVD, “Its Rhys Darby Night.”

2012 started with the launch of his autobiographical space novel entitled “This way to spaceship.” In the same year, 2012, the New Zealand International comedy festival awarded Darby for the film he produced based on his novel.

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Darby’s other achievements include co-hosting the Cryptid podcast factor together with David Schreiber, Dan Farrier, and Leon Kirkbeck as the producer in 2013. In July 2013, Darby and celebrities like Mahe Drysdale and musician Boh Runga climbed to Mt, Kilimanjaro summit in World Vision charity event.

In 2014 Darby, together with his family, moved to Los Angeles, California, to settle. In the same year, he appeared in the horror movie what we do in the shadows as Anton. Other films he was involved in include “The X-Files,” “Hot in Cleveland,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Tiny Commando,” “Short Poppies,” and “Life In Pieces,” Hunt For The Wilderpeople” and “Wrecked.

He has been featured as a voice actor in films such as “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” (2012-2015), “Jake and the Never Land Pirates” (2012-2015), and many others.

Rhys Darby Net Worth

Darby has gained much of his wealth from TV shows and films, and it’s estimated to be worth $3 Million.