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Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking. Find Out His Net Worth At Death, Also His Kids

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Whatever you think amazing, the life of Stephen Hawking makes you to redefine your understanding of the word amazing. Stephen Hawking, the ultra-famous scientist is well remembered not just for his scientific discoveries which were nothing short of great, but also for his personal life which has every element that call for an interesting one if you may say.

Be it his birthday January 8, 1942 which happened to be the day that is commemorated after the death of Galileo Galilei, the ‘father of modern science’ or his day of death March 14, which falls on the day of celebration of the interesting mathematical constant Pi, the Pi Day, every bit of Hawking’s life is full of interesting greatness. Interestingly March 14 is physicist Albert Einstein’s birthday!

At 21, Hawking was diagnosed of the deadly disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and the doctors gave him just 2 years! Defying all those predictions Hawking went on to live for five full decades. A fifty years full of achievements, discoveries, divorce and marriages and what not.

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Stephen Hawking Net Worth

He has been a renowned scientist in the field of physics. He has put forth many theories related to black holes, relativity and theory on existence of Universe. He has written numerous books as well. A Brief History of Time is a book published by Hawking in 1988 and is admired all over the world. He was the Mathematical professor at the Cambridge for thirty years. Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76 and his net worth at that time is estimated to be about $20 million.

Stephen Hawking Kids

Robert Hawking

If I say a British software engineer, you may ask who. But if I say the first child of the modern legend Stephen Hawking you wonder. Yes, Robert Hawking is the man we are talking about. He shared a special bond with his father and the whole family that included his mother Jane Hawking and his siblings. A fact that does not need any explanation is that Robert wanted to be a scientist like his father but he became an intelligent software engineer who works for Microsoft.

Lucy Hawking

The middle child of Stephen Hawking is his daughter Lucy Hawking. A novelist and a journalist Lucy has published several books including one which she co-wrote with his scientist father Stephen. She is a popular author who makes science interesting and entertaining to the young readers through her books. George book series of six adventure novels by Lucy are all based on real science and are liked by the global young audience. Out of three children of celebrity father Stephen Hawking Lucy is the only one who shares a certain degree of fame like his father.

Timothy Hawking

Fondly called Tim, Timothy Hawking is the third son of the British physicist Stephen Hawking. Some claim that Stephen Hawking is not the biological father of Timothy Hawking and Tim is his step son. Though this is known to be true, Tim always calls Stephen as his father and this father-son duo are known to share a bond. They usually play chess when Tim was a child and they both shared a common interest for motor racing and have watched many races together.

Confined to the wheelchair for almost all of his life, Stephen Hawking the physicist, scientist, cosmologist, author and professor, is truly a modern legend whose life is an inspiring one, to say the least.