Regis Philbin Net Worth, Biography, Age, Wives, Daughter.

There are only few showbiz celebrities who can compete with Regis Philbin’s work ethic. Regis Philbin is a TV show host and he is also a veteran TV presenter turned into actor. His work catalog is unsurpassable in comparison to his equivalent. Regis has managed to gather this work catalog during his immense five decade long career period. Due to his persistent and endurance of work ethics, Regis has manifested an astounding net worth for himself.

Regis Philbin Net Worth

In 1950s, Regis started his venture in this entertainment industry by his association as a writer with the ‘Tonight Show’. Later on, he became the announcer and then the guest host at the show. In early 1960s, he was the key host of ‘Tonight Show’. Finally, he was able to get the opportunity of a self-titled show named as ‘The Regis Philbin Show’. Although, such advance role came working as a subordinate on ‘The Joey Bishop Show’, at least on national level.

Till date the most prominent gig for Regis has been ‘Live with Regis and Kathie Lee’. He was able to refine the assertion of a morning show along with his co-host Kathie Lee Gifford.

In 2000, Kathie left the show and the position was filled by Kelly Kipa who became the new co-host for the show. In 2011, Regis announced his retirement which ended his 28 year long connection with Live.

Regis also got fame as a host for American’s Got Talent in season 1 and for ‘Who want to be a millionaire’. This TV persona, who is also a world record holder for most hours on TV, possesses a net worth of $150 million now. Regis is regarded as the most influential celebrity on small screen because along with his net worth he has also gained several accolades such as ‘Daytime Emmy Awards and TV Academy Hall of Fame.

Regis Philbin Wives And Daughter

Regis is a married man having a devoted family besides having a successful career as host on Television. Regis got married in 1970, his wife Joy Philbin is an actress and they have two kids ‘Joanna Philbin & Jennifer Joy’ who are also filmmakers. The couple witnessed a hiccup in their relationship when Maria Majerek came into headlines as a mistress of Regis. But, the allegations of cheating did not bring forth divorce between the couple. Before his marriage with Joy, Regis had given divorce to her first wife ‘Catherine Faylen’. He has two children from his first marriage named Danny and Amy.

In 2015, his son Danny passed away. Danny had a disability but he was doing great with his job at Pentagon. After his death, Danny’s wife Judy accused Regis for turning his back on his children ‘Danny and Amy’.

Regis Philbin Biography: Age And Birthday

Born in 1931, Regis is a Virgo by sign and celebrates his birthday on 25th August every year. He was born in The Bronx, New York City. Regis had a family of four; his father ‘Frank Philbin’ was of Irish ancestry and a US Marine while his mother ‘Florence’ had Italian descent.

In 2007, Regis faced a family tragedy when his brother Frank M. passed away due to non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. They had a 20 years age difference.

Height, Weight And Measurements

Despondently, Regis also not unfamiliar to health complaint, as following the same year when his brother passed away, Regis also went under triple bypass surgery due to he was a heart patient for more than three decades.

Moreover, a healthy diet, cholesterol medication and a well planned exercise regimen helped Regis to maintain his average weight on track. For the moment, he is 5ft and 6 inches (1.7m) in height.

Quick Facts About Regis Philbin

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