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Reagan Charleston Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Reagan Charleston (born 1988) is an American jewelry designer, lawyer. She was born and raised in Mandeville, Louisiana. Her grandparents’ mothers were copper sculpture artists and owned an art gallery so basically, she is inspired by her family as a jewelry designer.

In 2012, after her return from her Florence(Italy) trip, she decided to be a jewelry designer. On October 18, 2018, she opened a jewelry shop called Reagan Charleston Jewelry in One Canal Place.

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Reagan Charleston Dating History And Marriage Details

In 2018 her reality show’s premiere she revealed that she and her husband Jeff Charleston were going to divorce because of some personal problems. She explained the situation with some tweets like:” “I didn’t talk about how messed up our marriage was because it was embarrassing and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t happy. Jeff wasn’t happy. It was constant volatility and turbulence at home. We were miserable.”

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There were rumors about they had financial issues so that’s the reason behind the divorce. She gave a response to that claim with a tweet:” “And to the imbeciles saying I left because of what happened with Jeff’s mom and saying it had to do with the money we never had financial problems. Our house was paid off. I have a successful business. I was finishing law school. I have a super supportive fam.”

But the rumors didn’t stop and people started to talk about if there was a “cheating problem”. After this claim, she also confirmed on Twitter there was “no cheating” in their relationship. Reagan and Jeff separated just five months after the Southern Charm New Orleans Season 1 finale. When season 2 started about a year after they separated, they were nearing the day their divorce would officially be finalized so they can move on with their life.

Both Reagan and Jeff accepted that there were “anger and constant fighting issues” in their marriage. According to their explanations, there were serious “mood swings” and “anger” and they were the results of brain damage from Jeff’s time in the NFL.

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Even after hard times Reagan was not mad with him and chose to be friends instead of a couple. She tweeted about him by saying: “I was just so happy to see Jeff looking and feeling good.”

While all of these things were happening Tamica Lee described her shock with a tweet and said:

This breakup was hard for me. Reagan and Jeff are our best friends. That’s why I’m so emotional

Reagan explained her feelings about the relationship by tweeting: “For so many years, I hid what I was going through at home and what I was feeling. When I stopped hiding my problems, happiness found me. Don’t stay in a sad/bad situation because other people don’t understand. Life is too short and you will miss out on the great stuff! ”

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After the break-up, Reagan and Reece Thomas started to date and opened a new page in their lives. Reagan dated with him before Jeff, for 10 years. They got back together stronger and expected to have a child, a baby girl, due June 18. She told: “I immediately realized what I had in front of me — a second chance at love, at being happy, at a stable marriage, at having a family. I did not miss my chance to get on that boat” to PEOPLE and added “And yes, it wasn’t a convention that I immediately was in another relationship after my divorce was finalized; I understand that. But when you know, you know. To stifle that or slow it down, it would have just felt like enormous regret.”

Reagan Charleston Net Worth

Reagan Charleston’s net worth is estimated at around 1.5 million $ but it may be more than that because of her multiple income sources.