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Ray Allen Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Walter Ray Allen is an American national who was born on, July 20, 1975, at Castle Air force Base near Merced, California. He was the third of five children. His father’s name was Walter Sr. and his mother’s name was Flora Allen, Ray Allen was basically a military child.

Ray Allen Bio: Early Life, Family Details

Allen’s childhood was mostly spent in Saxmundham, Suffolk, England. After here he moved to Altus, Oklahoma where he lived at Edwards Air Force Base in California. From California, he went to live in Germany. This happened due to the continuous movement of his family here and there, they finally settled in Dalzell, South Carolina for a period of four seasons.

Ray Allen Education Details

In Dalzell, Ray Allen started his schooling. At school, most of his schoolmates made fun of him because of his accent that he had acquired when they were living in Britain. This also happened to him because he was young and vulnerable. Even with also the downs that were happening in young Ray Allen’s life he still explored his God-given talents out in the fields. He naturally possessed a passion for Athletic activities. His star also went shining because of the great effort that he applied to this sector of Athletic activities.

Ray Allen Career Details

While taking part in Athletics he found a unique feeling whenever he was on the basketball court. He realized that the art of playing basketball was naturally embedded in him. This made him make a choice of engaging fully and passionately in the game of basketball. Indeed, actions speak louder than words, Allen always wanted to outshine every other student he studied with, especially for looking down and mocking over his British accent. He did his training tirelessly so that he could become the best basketball player where he lived. But he made sure that all his training towards achieving his major goal of the best player never interfered with his studies. His hard work made him play for Hillcrest High School’s University team. And during his time at Hillcrest High School basketball team, they able to win their first state championship game. In the final game before getting this title Ray Allen exhibited his skills that would lead to the National Basketball Association. Since he got attention from colleges like the University of Kentucky but Allen out of all this invitation, he decided to proceed with his college career at the University of Connecticut as his college of choice.

In the onset of 1993, Allen joined the University of Connecticut after his recruitment by Karl Hobbs, who was the assistant coach in the institution. The University of Connecticut named Ray Allen, Basketball’s Male Athlete of the year in 1995. During his final year, Allen was first-team All-American and was also named player of the year in the Big East tournament. Allen finished his college career with several splendid awards. Ray Allen was immediately drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1996. Here was transferred to Milwaukee Bucks by Stephon Marbury who coached there. In 1999, he became the highest-paid play in basketball history. In 2003, he moved to Seattle SuperSonics and led them to the Conference Semifinals in 2005. At SuperSonics Allen made several life achievements in National Basketball Association history and even broke previously set records. Allen also suffered some injuries, and he went for an ankle surgery on both ankles and missed some part of that season. He moved to Boston Celtics in 2007.

Here they also won the Conference Finals series win against the Detroit Pistons. He moved to Miami Heat in 2012. Allen’s weight is 205 pounds and a height of 6 feet and 5 inches this matched the standard weight that was required by National Basketball Association. Allen officially retired from the game of basketball on November 1st, 2016. Allen explored his acting career sometime in 1998, and he had a role as Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Ray Allen Dating History And Marriage Details

Allen was blessed with a lovely wife called Shannon Walker Williams. They were then blessed with four children.

Ray Allen Health Status

Ray Allen is suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Ray Allen Net Worth

Allen has also served as National Basketball Association spokesperson. Ray Allen has also started a foundation called Ray of Hope to assist with things in several communities. He was appointed by President Obama to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

His current net worth is $100 million this is got from his salary and investment. He currently lives in Miami.