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Rapper Lecrae Age, Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Dating, Married, Wife Darragh Moore

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There are some who are ordinary yet extra-ordinary. Lecrae is one of them. Lecrae is a world famous Rapper today and has been a grammy winner more than once. Well, let’s peek more into the life of this amazing rapper. The way he has built himself from nothing is indeed worth knowing and appreciating!

Lecrae Age And Family History

On October 9, 1979, Lecrae or Lecrae Devaughn Moore was born in Houston, Texas. Even before Lecrae was 1 year old, his parents divorced. Lecrae’s mother brought him up on her own and must say his childhood was not easy. He had to go through different rough patches of life.

Tragedies of life pushed him into the world of drugs and crime. The bible miraculously saved him and forced him to change for betterment. Actually the policeman saw Bible with him and left him on the condition that he would stick by the values and commands of the holy book. The efforts of his grandmother didn’t go in vain for it was his grandmother only who wanted him to be a christian and introduced the importance of bible to him. Later, he joined University of North Texas after completing his high school.

Lecrae Married, Dating History

Lecrae dated many before finally settling. Sources say, he was in a serious affair with a girl and even got her pregnant. But he was not ready for a child so asked her to go for abortion which he regrets till date.
Now, he is happily married to Darragh Moore. The life history of Moore is a mystery in itself. Not much information is available regarding her life , career or family.

With trust and respect, they have been going well together for a long time. They got the chance to share the joy of parenthood when they were blessed with their first child. Now, they are the proud parents of three children. They love their kids very much and hence, like to keep them away from social media or any sort of attention.

Lecrae Net Worth And Career Details

Lecrae was always passionate about music. After turning into a real christian, he wanted to make a name of his own but in the different genre.

Rap music has always been his forte. 30 major nomination in various music categories have been claimed by him. Apart from that, he has won 20 awards including the Grammy award for ‘Gravity’ studio album in the category of Best Gospel Album at Grammy Awards 2013.

Albums like Anmaly by Lecrae have remained on the top of Billboard’s chart for pretty long. Apart from that, he has been the president and co-founder of two important labels, Reach records and now-defunct-non-profit organization ReachLife Ministies. In 2016, a joint deal between Lecrae’s label and Columbia records have also been signed.

Given that, music has been a main source of income, the net worth of this christian pop star is estimated somewhere between $2 million and $3 million. Undoubtedly, he is one of the biggest celebrities known all over.

Quick Facts About Lecrae

Born: 09 October 1979, Houston, Texas, U.S.

Marrital Status – Married
Wife: Darragh Moore
Children: Three

Profession: Rapper, Record producer,
Record Executive, Actor, Song writer &
Genres: Hip Hop; Christian hip hop
Labels: Reach, Columbia & Cross Movement
Net worth: $2 million – $3 million