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Rain Brown From Alaskan Bush People Addresses Rumors She’s Gay

The whole world wanted to know if she had a boyfriend, when people were talking of her being a gay. Her relationship status were never disclosed, many believed she had a boyfriend, could be true or not as Rainy is years of age and not ready for it. Now, this? She just not having a boyfriend and falling for conclusion that she was gay was inappropriate. She had publicly relieved she wasn’t gay due to public pressure.

So how came her gay rumor?
Well she made it official by putting it as a caption over a post in Instagram.

When you smile at someone and they smile back do you think they see the ‘ugly’ face you see?

She asked.

No they see a beautiful gesture of kindness and happiness, so why should you ever see something bad? Some people judge on your smile being wide or laughing too loud, and the answer to the question can you really have too much of a good thing? And the answer is no, not if it is truly good. So she says it’s merely one’s wish to smile and laugh and see yourself to be a beautiful unique quirky lovable you that you are

Then all eyes started questioning her credibility on sexuality of whether she being a gay? Some followers started asking about her orientation and whether she was gay .

Are you gay?

Was bluntly asked by one of her followers and there was another comment that said,

She never answers to these question which arouse doubts and the statement that she said she can’t get her hair short enough and all the rainbows on her posts.

Rain responded to this statement saying that,

No, I’m straight. And she said, I call my fans rainbows because my name is Rain, but you do you boo

So by now you know that Alaskan Bush People’s youngest one was not gay, she was straight and she was a single girl. Well the fans would know who she really is.