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Priscilla Quintana Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Priscilla Quintana is an actress and model. She is American and was born on 11 August 1992, in Downey, California, United States.

Priscilla Quintana Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Eduation

She was raised by her single mother, Karen, and has lived her whole life in Southern California. Her mother was a considerate woman and devoted her free time to help pregnant teen girls expelled from their homes. What his mother and maternal grandparents did created her core values of community service. Priscilla Quintana has spent her entire life in Southern California. Early years of her life were spent in entertainment industry and in conclusion of that she decided to learn the business of movie making. This happened after he graduated from Downey High School in 2010.

Because of his decision on learning the business of movie making, she enrolled in a film school, from which she won a scholarship. During those years she worked as a waitress and got the chance to be a model in a modeling agency. In order to use this chance of being a model, she decided to move to Los Angeles.

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Priscilla Quintana Career Details

Priscilla Quintana moved to Los Angeles and started modelling there. However, after modelling for a while, she got offers for playing in commercials as well. She kept going up and her playing in commercials concluded in her taking part in small acting roles in television and films. Priscilla had fallen in love with the world of acting and she was doing his job with a pleasure, which was maybe the reason why she kept ascending continously. Priscilla really was unstoppable. Apart from her beauty, her acting performance was also outstanding. Her first class acting attracted great attention. Priscilla played in varius television series such as “Master of Sex” and “Training Day” and those roles of her helped her keep rising. She was getting closer to Holywood. In the next months, she had a chance to prove his talent in the film industry as well and was really successful at it. Two ambitious movies, one of which is “Polaroid”. She was asked about how it feels to be on set for being “Polaroid”. Priscilla answered, “I had always wondered if being on the set of a horror film was going to be scary. It was a great experience and i became such good friends with everyone. We were in Nova Scotia, so it was freezing ! It was blizzarding every day, so we had nothing to do but become a little family.” Priscilla was able to fascinate horror and thriller movie lovers in this one. In the movie there is a polaroid camera and those whose photos are taken with that camera dies. In other words, they get killed by a creature or the actions applied on the photo itself affects the people on the photo. For example, if you burn someone’s arm on the photo, it will burn in the real life as well just like it happened with Mia, who was portrayed by Priscilla Quintana, in the movie. There is a loner, high school student, girl finding this camera in the movie and their story is told in this movie. The other movie she played in is “Traffik”. Some of the stars she worked with in this movie were Paula Patton, William Fichtner, Roselyn Sanchez and Omar Epps. She also took uncredited parts in The Fast & Furious 7, as a foam girl, and The Gambler, as a casino hostess.

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Priscilla Quintana Charity Work

Many of the people would agree that Priscilla Quintana is a great actress and model but that is not all about her. When she has a free time, she devotes herself on making the World a better place to live. She loves animals so much and doing her best to help them. There is a rescue group which is based on Los Angeles called “WAGS & WALKS” and Priscilla Quintana helps them as much as she can.

She does everything she can to prepare new homes and lives for the animals in need there. She is also nursing them. When she was in Bulgaria for filming Pandora, she met many dogs and saved them. Took them to the United States and provided them with better conditions.